Final promo for June 17 Workshop

You can be a great Communicator and not a great Leader. But to be a great Leader, you must be a great Communicator. The ability  to communicate effectively in public is not always a critical prerequisite for great leadership. However, it always helps.  And what about those awkward moments when you are called upon to make a public address, especially at short notice.

On June 17, we condense a 2-day Workshop on Conquering through Creative Communication to 4 hours of intense boot-camp training.  We will demonstrate and have you participate in:

  • how to overcome nervousness;
  • how to conquer fear;
  • how to build confidence; and
  •  how to confidently conquer any situation in which you find yourself.

Presenters will be the Master himself, 3-time International Impromptu Speaking Champion and Distinguished Toastmaster, Godfrey E. McAllister, and The Executive Director of the Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team, Matt Wahnon.

You will not only be TOLD what to do. you will be SHOWN what to do.  then most important, you will get the chance to DISPLAY that you know what to do.

This Workshop will  sell for $500. With a Registration fee of only $20 on June 17, it is almost FREE. Grab this opportunity and bring your friends along.

To register, send an email to and write REGISTRATION in the subject line.    Include your name and telephone number in the body of the mail.  We will confirm your reservation within 24 hours, subject to space availability.   See attached flyers for further details.

Your satisfaction is Guaranteed.