Reflected on this site, and as down-lines of this page are just a few of the hundreds of “Motivational Minutes” that Doctor Perspective has shared over the last forty years.  He transcends the “theoretical” and infuses his insights with generous doses of practical reality. He destroys “cliches” that are nothing more than their name suggests. He investigates the twists and turns of life, and rummages through the vagaries of circumstances to find the common thread to all experienced reality.

Doc is down to earth and a modern day philosopher. Doc says, “I am not what I think. I think, therefore I am.” Now you are forced to think, before you agree or disagree with him.   Doctor Perspective does not take responsibility for the conclusions at which you arrive, and for the views that ultimately form your own philosophy of life. But he does consider it his duty to force you to think, and to use that priceless God-given-gift of choice to decide and determine your own destiny.

Doc’s Motivational Minutes will make you think. And, just think of it. If he can provide such mental stimulation and induce such conscious clarity in a minute, can you imagine what he will do for your group when he stands before you for two or more minutes?