Identity Theft (Pt 2…)

It has been estimated that in 2017 the identity of 1 American was stolen every 2 seconds… that is almost 15,000,000 for the year. In this context, Identity theft refers to the illegal obtaining of details of related bank accounts, credit cards, social security numbers, residential addresses, and online account userids and passwords. This information is then used mostly to rob bank accounts, run up charges on credit cards, and in rare instances, used for sinister impersonation activities. As theft alerts trigger faster preventive strategies, the actual amount of money stolen declined from 22.1 Billion in 2012 to 15.5 Billion in 2015, but has trended up to 16.8 Billion in 2017. Rape is far more gruesome and leaves permanent scars. Identity theft is not as bad… but next in line.

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Identity Theft is a dark-side response to life-style changes as a result of the technological revolution in which we live. But did you know that Identity Theft is not nearly as devastating as Identity Loss? And by identity loss, I am not referring just to the result of Identity theft. I am referring to what happens when we lose sight of who we are… and in many instances, when we never really understood who we are.

We see perhaps the most glaring illustration of this in the gender revolution that is sweeping across America and many other parts of the world. Men and boys with all the physiological organs and external trappings that come with being male, decide that they either want to be female, or equally disturbing, that they are female. They then proceed to dress like females, talk like females, walk like females, and believe that they are females. Of course, affected women do the reverse. They decide that they want to be or are male, and dress like males, walk like males and talk like males. But it does not stop there. To complete the transformation, reassignment surgery of male and female genetalia and related organs is necessary. Rough estimates suggest that reassignment surgery costs an average of $25,000.00 with a low of $5,000 and a high of $100,000. In 2011 the estimated number of transgenders in America was 700,000 and in 2015 it was 1,000,000.

Of course loss of identity is by no means restricted to transgenders. Almost every instance of suicide or attempted suicide around the world involves varying degrees of loss of identity. The World Health Organization tells us that more than 3000 suicides are committed each day across the world and 124 each day in America. And using an estimate of 20 attempted suicides for every “successful” suicide, and after adjusting the figure for repeat attempts there are more than 15,000,000 persons who attempt to  kill themselves every year, with Identity Loss as a major contributing factor.

Unfortunately, in this number are many who suffer from aggressive forms of mental disorders and whose illness brings identity loss or identity confusion as part of its baggage. Mental illness is as real as cancer and diabetes. Pray for healing by all means. Call for the Elders of the Church, of course. But while you are doing that, get professional medical help. 1 out of 5 Americans suffer from one form of mental disorder or another. If you are among a group of five randomly selected friends and none of them have a mental disorder, then you do. Mental disorder has been destigmatized. If in doubt, get professional help.

But Identity loss or confusion is not limited to persons with mental disorders. It can affect just about anyone in the human population. In a previous video we saw that in answer to the question, “Who are you?” the details of our answer or description must be immutable, irrefutable, indisputable and irreversible. And after a grueling journey, we concluded that you are an immortal spiritual being housed in a changing, growing, decaying human body. We also saw that identity is always most accurately described through relationships that are permanent that are irreversible and immutable… like, “I am my father’s son”.

What this means is that any meaningful attempt to identify yourself, must be at both the spiritual and the relationship level.

In the spiritual world in which we are rooted, there are millions and perhaps billions of spirits. But what’s important is that collectively, they have two leaders… the ultimate good spirit, who I call god, and the ultimate evil spirit, who I call the Devil. Ultimately, it is with one of these two dominant spirit leaders that we must align ourselves.

I have chosen to align myself with the ultimate Good Spirit, God. To which of the two have you chosen to align yourself?  In fact it is quite simple… because of our relatively weak and dependent spiritual composition, we must align ourselves to one or the other. In fact, we are by default, aligned to and influenced by the Evil spirit. You wat proof? Do you know of any parent who has ever had to teach their child to do evil, or even to tell their first lie? I doubt it. On the other hand, how many parents do you know who have had to teach their children to do good, and to speak the truth?  Your parent,,, and many, many more.

Therefore, in answer to the question… Who are you… or in my case, who am I?  I am a spirit who, by choice, am a son of God, but not by choice, housed in a changing, growing, decaying body labelled Godfrey McAllister. And ultimately, it is my awareness of my chosen identity that will be my anchor through the storms of life, and on which I will rely when I am attacked by depression, as happens occasionally,  and when fleeting suicidal thoughts fly through my mind, as sometimes they do. I have the right to think of myself, not just as a creature of God, but as a Son of God… and so can you.

There is a good ending to the problem of identity theft and identity loss. Your identity can be changed, but never lost. You may forget. In that case, remind yourself. And if you don’t like your present identity, the best news is that you can change it right now… by changing your allegiance from the Evil Spirit to the Good Spirit… from the Devil to God.




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