In Pursuit of Excellence

Excellence is the Elixir on which but few imbibe… but they are very selective in welcoming
others to their tribe…
The weak and frail in body may surprisingly enter in… but the weak and frail of mind will
never their approval win…

But what I can safely say is that many of the people you know, will never wear the badge of
“excellent”. Hopefully, that does not apply to you.
Not because you were born on the wrong side of the track… not because you are black or
white… not because you are tall or short… lean or… the unspeakable “F” word…
But because you simply do not have the desire to be excellent…
My first book is titled, “You’ve Got All it Takes to Succeed”.
I turned to God, my source of inspiration and He gave me a working definition and
description of “desire”.
Listen, and you will agree…

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To desire something is not merely to want it. To desire something is not merely to wish you
had it. To desire something is not merely to like the idea of having that thing.
To desire something is to become totally and completely obsessed with the thought of
having that thing…
to the point that you are convinced that it is attainable, and to the point that you believe
that you will attain it;
… and as a result, you consciously and sub-consciously unleash all your mental, physical,
social, emotional and spiritual faculties and resources in the relentless pursuit of the
materialization of the object of your desire.
Desire therefore is not a passive word. Desire is not a feeble expression of interest. Rather,
desire is the starting point of all achievement, and the one ingredient without which our
lives will forever be marred by the morass of mediocrity.

And so, most people will never wear the badge of excellence, because they do not have the
desire… and why do they not have the desire?

Is it because they do not want to enjoy the benefits of excellence?
Is it because they are devoid of ambition? Is it because they do not want to drive a fancy
car and live in a big house and sail the seas in their private yachts?
Is it because they do not want to be thought of as the best husband or wife or son or
Is it because they do not crave the acclaim of the crowd as they hysterically shout and
scream…but only for the winner… and especially if he or she was the underdog?
They abort their desire for excellence, because the price they must pay, and the sacrifice
they must make, are just too high.
And that’s OK. There is nothing abnormal about being normal. The average income earner,
actually earns more money than the average person earns. They are spared the demands
of the rigor of training, and rehearsing… theirs is the comfort of their beds and warm
blankets, electric or live, when the rain is falling…
Who would not want to swap a few extra dollars which the IRS will pursue in exchange for
the luxury of leisure, which they can never touch?

I will tell you who… It is the few, who desire to proudly wear the badge of excellent.
Think of this… God did not make all his creations to be excellent. I say, God did not make all
his creations to be excellent. He made them to be normal.
Every animal you can think of does exactly what it was created to do – Nothing more, and
nothing less.
Every Plant does exactly what it was created to do… nothing more and nothing less.
The moon and the stars and the sun and the mountains and the volcanoes… they all do
exactly what God created them to do… nothing more and nothing less.
And God looked at His creation and said… It is good”
But when it was time to make man and woman… good was not enough for God… He moved
to an all new level…
and He or they said, “Let us make man… in our own image and in our own likeness…”

When God made you and when God made me, apart from making individual unique
masterpieces without duplicates, he made us with the ability to create and to become
better today than we were yesterday… and to be even better tomorrow…
But God also created us with FREE Will and the power to freely choose. And so we are
unique among God’s creations,
Only we can choose to be normal, sub-normal or super-normal… we can choose to be
drifters and vagabonds… we can choose to be average, or we can choose to live out our
potential and become the very best that God intended us to be… We can desire to be

But be not deceived, there is a price to pay. Progress is not a straight line… it is one step
backwards and 2 steps forwards… It is sowing, before reaping… and the one step back will
working out in the gym will hurt… preparing for the 100 meter race cost Usain Bolt and
Justin Gatlin a lot of pain… rehearsing and practising for the semi-finals of the world
championship of public speaking cost me sleepless nights and lots of frustration… and it
did hurt…
But can you testify that there is no gain without pain. Do you know that weeping might
endure for the night but joy comes in the morning… Do you that the thrill of victory is worth
all the pain and sacrifice that it required…

Think of it… you work between three and seven years for most academic degrees… but you
get to keep them and use them for the rest of your life.
I recommend to you an investment in excellence…
Whatever you want to grow. You must first sow.
Whatever YOU Want to succeed, you must first feed.
Desire to excel… Ignore the detractors who tell you to slow down… Refuse to decelerate…
Instead accelerate… and excelerate…
By the help of almighty God use His divinely infused creative ability to pursue excellence…
and remember…

Good better best…
Never let it rest…
Until your good gets better and your better gets best…
In pursuit of Excellence!


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