Intro – Secrets of Successful Selling


I enjoyed a fairly distinguished career in Sales and Marketing which commenced 40 years ago, and from which I still benefit today, residually speaking.

Operating out of little tiny Jamaica, I first impacted the world scene when in 1980 I qualified for the ultimately prestigious “Top of the Table” section of the international Million Dollar Round Table – a feat achieved by fewer than 0.1% of all Agents in the world.

I stood out at the Convention held on Florida’s Marco Island the following year, if for no other reason, because I was the only Black man among the 300 qualifiers in the world in attendance, and instead of wearing a jacket and tie, I was wearing something resembling what I am wearing now… Some of my colleagues  understandingly mistook me for the head waiter. I found it so funny that I offered to serve – along with the waiters.

But it wasn’t until I was questioned by a small group of Attendees who had huddled around me that I got the last laugh. They could not control their surprise at my presence, and asked me “How did you get here?” I paused… looked at each of them in turn until the suspense became palpable… Then with eyes wide open… I answered, “by plane!”

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Three years later I was at my mischief again.  This time I was setting and breaking records at American Life Insurance Company (ALICO) which at the time operated out of Delaware with branches in 60 countries.

In my first year at ALICO I was #1 Personal Accident Insurance producer in Jamaica, and then #1 in the Caribbean in my second year. In my third year I was ALICO’s world-wide #1 Agent in Personal Accident Insurance Sales – a feat which I repeated for seven consecutive years, each year breaking my own record.

But what was remarkable was the fact that I introduced a new marketing model into the industry… one that only a few have been able to emulate. This model readily applies itself to any kind of sales, with tangible products being far easier to sell than intangible ones like Insurance.

The Secrets of Successful Selling video is 40 minutes long and was shot almost a decade ago. The secrets are immortal. Of course, I have changed here and there, and as you can see more “hair” than there. But surprisingly, the Secrets are still secrets for far too many.

Following are some of the highlights of the 40 min condensed Seminar. When you book me to speak at your next major event, you and your Team will be exposed to the full power of the Secrets of Successful Selling.

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