Let’s Make America Great Again

Now, when I say let us make America great again, it does not mean that I am President Ronald Reagan of blessed memory. After all, the phrase was first credited to him long before President trump began to use it. {watch}

When I say let us make America great again, it does not mean that I am President Bill Clinton, nor does it mean that I mean what he meant when he used the phrase in his own successful 1992 Presidential campaign. {watch}

And when I say let us make America great again, it clearly could never mean that I am Hillary Clinton who used the phrase in an advertisement in her unsuccessful 2008 Presidential campaign. {watch}

When I say, “Let’s make America great again”… it does not mean that I am President Donald Trump. And I seriously doubt that what I mean by that declaration is what Donald Trump meant when he first used it. {watch}

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After all, he used the phrase the day America elected its first black President for the second time. I am referring to President Barrack Obama, the same President who Donald Trump spent years denying that he was born in America, and as such, that his presidency was illegitimate.

I say, let us make America great again because for several decades, America has distinguished itself as the greatest country on earth in many ways, but we have recently been squandering our good-will and the respect we have enjoyed on the domestic and international scenes at a record rate.

Partisan Political division in America is at an all-time high.

White Supremacy and echoes of the days of black slavery, that many naively thought was dead, has been raising its ugly head, without even trying to disguise its identity.

The USA has been known as the bastion and defender of human rights around he world. But in recent times, not only have we failed to call out human rights abuses in places like North Korea, China and Russia, but we have shocked he world with human rights abuses of our own making.

Under the name of a zero tolerance immigration policy, we have been deliberately separating children from their parents seeking asylum at our borders without any plan in place to reunite them.

And when forced by a Federal Judge to reunite all of the almost 3000 children separated from their parents, and to do so by a certain date, the deadline expired with the Government boasting that it had reunited the large majority of families.

However, our Government claimed that over 600 of the separated children do not qualify to be reunited with their parents on technical grounds, mainly because their parents from whom they were forcibly separated, cannot be located, having been deported.

That is 600 children like your minor child and my minor grand-child and like the minor child of every member of Congress and like the President’s youngest child – just not as privileged to have American parents.

These children, many of whose parents have already been deported into hiding in their country of persecution, are now destined to be stranded as illegal alien orphans in America, while their parents languish and die a slow death from a broken heart. One commentator has called our Government’s actions State Kidnapping.

But the greatest threat to the internal greatness of America is the current blatant incestuous relationship between the supposedly co-equal Executive and Legislative branches of Government.

The Founding Fathers of this nation established the three co-equal branches of Government to be independent of each other, and to serve as checks and balances on each other so that we the people can be protected from the potential abuse of the raw power that resides in the hands of Government.

It is not the first time in our history that the Senate, House of Representatives and Executive branches, as well as appointments to the Federal and Supreme Courts have been controlled by the same political party, be it Republican or Democrat.

But Never in the history of America have we ever seen members of the dominant party in the legislative branch almost literally eating out of the hands of the President, who is also from their party… And this they do, not because they necessarily like the President or approve of his policies, but only because of a mortal fear of losing their political survival and livelihood”.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnel, leaders of the Republican House and Senate, both avowed non-supporters of Candidate Donald Trump, now daily refuse to exercise Congressional oversight over President Trump.

One obvious reason is that they and their members are afraid of offending the base that elected the President, and quite honestly, carried many of their members in the 2016 down-ballot. Or at least, to date, no other motivation has been revealed.

Even if you are among the majority who disapprove of some of the actions and decisions of President Trump, you must agree that he is not the problem. He is doing what any normal person would do who gets their hands on power that they would like to be absolute. That’s how Dictators are made. The greatness of America does not lie in what President Trump does or does not do, or what he wants to do or does not want to do.

The greatness of America lies in the fact that our Constitution protects we the people from potentially disastrous desires or actions of the Executive and Judiciary branches by granting restraining and punitive powers to the Legislature.

Similarly, our Constitution protects we the people from the potentially abusive power of the Legislature, by granting the power of legislative review to the Judiciary. All three branches were designed to constitute checks on each other.

When the head of the Executive Branch berates the Judiciary branch because it has control of neither the purse nor the sword, and when the Legislative Branch which has control of both purse and sword refuses to restrain the Executive because of the private political and personal interests of its members, or for any other reason, then we the people are in trouble… and America runs the risk of losing the most foundational pillar of its greatness.

Recently our President had an unprecedented, unprepared private meeting with the man who successfully led a cyber attack on America, targeting he heart of our democracy – our 2016 Elections,

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia is our enemy, and it is always good to talk with your enemies. But when our President publicly takes the side of the enemy and in the same breath condemns his own United States of America intelligence community, the observing world lost respect for America.

And when several days later, America’s Director of National Intelligence remains unaware of the content of the discussions and agreements made by our President, and then learns from the media about an invitation to the Russian President to visit the White House in a matter of a few months, the shock was enough to make the National Intelligence Director spontaneously laugh on national TV. His alternative option would have been to cy.

To be clear, Our President is within his rights to meet with any world leader. But when he does so, he does so as the representative of we the people of the United States of America, and at the very least, transparency must surround the discussions.

My Theology obliges me to believe that President Donald Trump is God’s man for the moment, and as such I am obliged to respect him and pray for him, and specifically, that he might subject himself to the will of God.

It is also clear to a blind man that new life has been breathed into the ugliest racist skeletons of America and that this phenomenon has coincided with the presidency of Donald Trump.

President Trump has achieved a few, but huge, long-lasting achievements including the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, peace initiatives with North Korea and, arguably, the dilution of the liberal component of the Supreme Court and Federal Courts.

But, especially on the international scene, he has also achieved a series of resounding all-time lows for this great country of America that makes his trade-marked words increasingly relevant today. We must all re-double our efforts to make America great again.

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