Pragmatic Motivational Speaker Dr. Godfrey “Doctor Perspective” McAllister connects with his audiences regardless of the setting, be it Corporate, College, Community or Church. His insightful, energetic, entertaining communication of universal principles illustrated by his true-to-life experiences, challenges, defeats and victories, always lay the foundation for the inspiration and motivation that inevitably follows, and that frequently leads to life-changing action.

Godfrey has been “freely” motivating audiences to strive for excellence and self-actualization for 30 years. Now he is speaking Professionally. There is no better time to get the “biggest bang for your buck”, since Dr. McAllister provides services as phenomenal as the best in the industry, at a fraction of their current cost.


Dr. McAllister’s six decades of experiences in a wide-range of life journeys, equip him to provide a custom-built presentation that resonates with your audience, and addresses the needs and challenges faced by the people you represent. His flagship presentations include, “To Be or Not To Be… Sucker or Suckee”; Empower Your Perspective”; “Conquer Through creative Communication”, “Secrets of Successful Selling” and “Dare to Dream… Then Become Your Dream”.


He enjoys stellar status in both the Insurance Industry, and the world’s premiere Communication and Leadership skills-honing organization, Toastmasters International. He distinguished himself as American Life Insurance Company’s World-wide #1 Personal Accident Insurance Salesman for seven (7) consecutive years, each year breaking his own record. He has qualified for, and attended the ultimately prestigious “Top of the Table” section of the international Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).


He is TI’s three-time District 2-minute Impromptu Speaking Champion, as well as its 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking Finalist – one of 10 persons from a field of approx. 35,000 Contestants from 140 countries.  He is also the record-holding Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) in the 95-year-old Toastmasters International (TI), having earned its highest designation in just one (1) year


Dr. McAllister’s core values are firmly rooted in Biblical principles, and are exemplified in his two mantras. The first is, “Whatever you consciously Conceive and Ardently Believe, you will Inevitably Achieve.”  The second is, “The only thing over which you have complete control is your perspective”.


Today, Godfrey’s audiences benefit from the accumulated value of his knowledge and experience as a Bible and Secular Teacher, Guidance Counsellor, Supreme Court Mediator; Radio & TV Host, Print Journalist, Consumer Advocate, Videographer, Chartered Financial Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Author. Read some of what others has to say about him at


Because he is now embarking on his professional Speaking career, for a limited time, he is offering his “Fee Satisfaction Guarantee”.  Why not contact him and discuss the details.


Godfrey immediately connects with his audience. His energetic, entertaining communication of his true-to-life experiences, challenges, defeats and victories, always lay the foundation for the inspiration and motivation that inevitably follows, and that frequently leads to life-changing action.

Dr. McAllister’s education profile includes:
1. A Bachelors degree with a major in Theology and a Minor in Psychology from the Jamaica Theological Seminary (JTS);
2. A Masters in Theocentric Counselling from Wakefield International University (WIU) – Distance Learning;
3. A Ph.D. in Human Relations – Consumer/Provider Relations from WIU – (Distance Learning);
His published Masters’ thesis was, “You’ve Got All it Takes to Succeed”, and his published Doctoral thesis was, “Winning the War? – Consumer Survival in a Free Market Economy”
4. A Diploma in Guidance Management;;
5. The Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) Insurance designation;
6. The Chartered Financial Consultant (Ch.F.C.) designations.
7. The Distinguished Toastmasters Communication and L:eadership designation (DTM)


Godfrey’s working life began with a one year teaching job in Guyana at the North Georgetown Secondary School. In Jamaica, after graduating from JTS, he worked as a Guidance Counsellor at two Secondary Schools.  This was followed by a six month stint as Plant Manager for a welding rod manufacturing company.

The next 25 years between 1978 and 2002 were spent working in the Insurance Industry. First as a Sales Agent, and then as a Brokerage owner, Godfrey distinguished himself in the Insurance Industry. Following is a short-list of some of his major achievements:

  1. Qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) between October and December 1978.
  2. Shattered all Industry records in Life of Jamaica in 1980 [excluding those for women exclusively]
  3. First Jamaican to Qualify for the “Top of the Table” section of MDRT in 1980
  4. #1 Leading Agent at American Life Insurance Company in Jamaica in 1984
  5. #1 Leading Agent at American Life Insurance Company in the Caribbean in 1984
  6. #1 Leading Agent at American Life Insurance Company in the world in 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 & 1991, each year breaking the last year’s record.
  7. President of the Life Underwrites Association of Jamaica (LUAJ) 1989-1990
  8. Vice President Caribbean Association of Life Underwriters Association (CALU) 1991-1992
  9. Life Underwriters Association “Man of the Year” (1992-1993)
  10. Founding Host of LUAJ’s weekly radio program, “Friend In Need”.


Dr. McAllister joined the 94-year-old Toastmasters International Leadership and Communication training organization in 2001. In March 2002, he became the first, and only person to date, to qualify for Toastmasters’ highest designation of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) in 1 year, less 1 day. Most Toastmasters never become DTM, and the next shortest qualifying time is 2 years.

Dr. McAllister, a previously confirmed stutterer, has participated in the International and Impromptu Speech Championship annual competitions. He is the 3-time District Impromptu 2-minute Speech Champion (District 81 & District 47 X 2). He is also one of ten 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking Finalists – a grueling 8-month contest featuring approx. 45,000 contestants form 140 countries.


Dr. McAllister has been addressing audiences in ten countries on a wide range of subjects for more than three decades. Many of these audiences featured professional salespersons, and other persons in the corporate structure. His core goal is self-actualization, and his core message is, “Whatever you Consciously Conceive and Ardently believe, you will Inevitably Achieve.”


In 2017 Dr. McAllister trademarked his public persona identifier as “Doctor Perspective”. His associated trademarked mantra is “The only thing over which you have complete control is your perspective.” His related associated challenge is “Empower Your Perspective!”


Dr. McAllister has authored several books including, “Young Consumer Companion”, “You’ve Got All it Takes to Succeed”, “Winning the War? – Consumer Survival in a Free Market Economy”, and “Put Him Back… America!”


Dr. McAllister, aka, “Uncle Godfrey” is an accredited Children Speaker. He hosted the popular Jamaican radio program – “The Children’s Bible Club”. He hosted the CVM television series, “A God Pickney Dem”, inspired by the late Art Linkletter’s “Kids Say the Darndest Things”. He has addressed hundreds of Children’s audiences over a period of about ten years.


Inspired by Ralph Nader, Dr. McAllister has spearheaded the Consumer Advocacy movement in Jamaica for more than five years through his organization, United Consumers In Action (UCIA). During this time he investigated over 3000 Consumer complaints with a 96% resolution rate, without once going to Court. Paradoxically, his most famous case involved Courts Jamaica – a case that was settled in favor of the Consumer, and one in which Courts Jamaica became an ally.


Arising from his Consumer Advocacy reputation, the Most Hon. Hon. Edward P. G. Seaga, Leader of the Jamaica Labor Party in 1997, invited Dr. McAllister to contest one of the only two unassigned Constituencies, a mere 3 months before the date of the election. Because it was a “garrison” Constituency run by Dr. Peter Phillips, the current Leader of the People’s National Party, it was impossible for Dr. McAllister to win the seat. However, he performed so well that he was appointed to the Shadow Cabinet in the country’s Opposition JLP.


Before migrating to the USA Dr. McAllister was appointed a Supreme Court Mediator, and assisted in the supervision of junior lower court Mediator trainees.

Hear and feel him for yourself at your next event. As a skilled Toastmaster he can just as easily speak for 2 minutes or for 5 hours! His personal mantra is “Whatever you consciously conceive and ardently believe you will inevitably achieve through Christ who can strengthen you!”

His email address emphasizes his journey into the world of neuroscience and its derivatives of neuro-motivation and neuro self-actualization.