Live Past Your Past

To a very large extent, our future is influenced by our present, and without a past, there would be no present. In a very profound way, our past, present and future are all interconnected, and without our direct intervention, could easily become a straight line for better or worse, and usually for worse.

Some of us are specially blessed to have a past of which we are totally proud.   Most of us, on the other hand, have at least small areas in our past, to which we, if given the chance, would make at least some minor adjustments. But we can’t. At the end of each day, the record for that day is closed and sealed. And yet, that record lives both in our memories and in the consequences of our actions and inactions. If we dislike either the memory or the consequences of our actions or inactions, we can commit never to repeat the mistake we made, and positively, in its place, to so think speak and act, that we will create the outcome that we desire. In that way, we can begin to create the future we desire, regardless of the failures in our past.

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