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This section contains the released Motivational Mini Videos in the Series produced by Doctor Perspective on an increasingly wide range of subjects, covering

personal and public topics of relevance to you and to those within your sphere of influence.

Each Mini Video is a snippet of the inspiration, motivation and pragmatic perspectives that Doctor Perspective provides when he addresses an audience. Whether your sphere of influence is in the Corporate, Church, College, Club or Community setting, Doctor Perspective has a message for your audience that he is guaranteed to deliver in his endearing, energetic and enigmatic style.

To book him as the Keynote, Seminar Leader or Moderator of your next major event, contact him at TheDoc@DoctorPerspective.com or call him at 954-299-9394. You may leave a message for him at any time at 954-353-1755.

Click on the drop-down menu at top of this page to select your Mini Video in the series.