My Affirmation

I Affirm with my mouth and my mind,
that I am custom-built by the Creator of the Universe, in His image and likeness, and I choose to call Him God.
I Declare that,
along with every other man, woman, boy and girl, I was designed by God both to have dominion over all His creation, and to voluntarily devote myself to Him in adoration, worship and praise.
I Acknowledge that
I have repeatedly disobeyed God; I continually confess my sin to Him; I readily accept His forgiveness and His pre-paid salvation.
I Affirm that,
by God’s help and through prayer and practice, I daily remove hate, fear, idolatry, immorality, envy, lies, anxiety, doubt, confusion, worry, all sin and their Satanic source, from my thoughts and from my life; and, through feeding on God’s Word, replace them with love, joy, peace, patience, purity, faith, vision, knowledge, wisdom, kindness, gentleness, confidence, courage, self-control, and thanksgiving.
I Affirm that
I am at my full potential when I am in constant communion and worship with my Creator, and that as a result, I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.
I Affirm that I am designed to be:
Positive and Pragmatic in Thinking;
Purposeful and Particular in Planning;
Pregnant with Possibilities for Personal Advancement;
Prolific and Productive in Constructive Actions;
Generous in Giving, Sharing and Ministering to those in need;
Frequently Forgiving those who wrong me;
Perpetual and Powerful in Praising my Creator;
Peaceful and Priceless in Personal Relationships;
Profitable and Prosperous for the rest of my life.
I Affirm that
my Creator has already given me all that I need to succeed, and that, by the help of God’s Holy Spirit and my Comforter, today I will make full use of my potential to attract goodness, mercy, wisdom, wealth, good health, happiness, and God’s favor.
And so, I Affirm that
whatever I Consciously Conceive, and Ardently Believe, I will Inevitably Achieve!”

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