Executive Summary: On March 24, 2017 the hostile approach by the President of the United States and Republican majority in the House of Congress imploded under its own weight. But there is hope, as the President wisely decided that it was better to fight and run away, and so live to fight another day. The republicans brought this on themselves because of their glaring and flagrant display of lack of Christian graciousness in deceitfully characterizing ObamaCare as a “disaster”. As soon as this lesson is learnt, the People of America who bravely exercised their democratic right to be heard, will require of their political leaders to work in a truly bi-partisan way to jointly construct the Health Care provision this country has ever seen.

I know a lot about Third World politics.  I expected politics in the First World Leader of the Free World to be different, and it is.  But what I expected was that it would be better.  Sorry. It is worse… much worse. To be clear, that is not an objective statement.   It is much worse, because of the high standards that inform the expectations of the rest of the world. The Christian perspective cannot overlook the maxim, “Of  whom much is given, much is expected”.  I am glad that on March 24, the Republican Rulers of America were shamefully defeated in their attempt to kill ObamaCare… but perhaps for none of the reasons that you might assume. So let us get right to it.

First of all, Health Care in America is not about the House, nor is it about the Senate… and it sure as hell is not about the President. It is about the people of America… I am proud to announce that what we just saw happen to Congress and the White House, is that “We the People” have spoken. Unfortunately, because of the maze of professional political spins all over the place, it may be difficult to accurately interpret what the people have said. But we will try, and I believe that we can succeed.

We the people want health Insurance, need health Insurance and are entitled to Health Insurance. And the people that we have elected to serve us, in both the Democratic and Republican Party, better humble themselves, forget their petty diffferences, and serve us. And because of the response of the Republicans lawmakers on this Health Care drama, we know that we have their attention. President Trump must work very hard at trying not to be wrong too many more times in his short political career.  Perhaps, talking less may be a good start. God warns us about the danger of the tongue, and how easily it  creates problems. There was no “twitter” or phone chat or even the computer in Bible days.  Were that the case, the warning would be against both the tongue for speaking, and the finger for typing, texting and tweeting. But neither of these two members of the body represent the seat of the problem.  That position of  prominence is reserved for the heart and the mind… easiest identifiable by the brain. The massacre that occurred in the House today is a direct result of deceitful statements, groundless pride and dishonesty.

ObamaCare is not a “Disaster”.  That is a lie… and Christians are advised not to lie. My parents reminded me, “Oh what a tangled web I weave, when once I practice to deceive”. By saying that ObamaCare is a disaster, President Trump and numerous Republican candidates and lawmakers deliberately polarized Democrats. They deliberately set up a scenario in which the winner takes it all. That might be great American politics, but it s very poor poor and unprincipled behavior when it comes to matters that affect the lives of people. The result is that the Republicans have lost, but the Democrats have not won, and I hope and pray that they are smart enough to dial back any natural desire to see the implosion of the Republican effort as a victory for Democrats.  If the truth is to be told, the victory of the Republicans at the recent polls and their consequent control of the Senate, House and Executive Office set them up for the defeat they experienced today,  My parents have often reminded me, “The higher monkey climb, the more him bottom expose”.  More commonly known is, “Pride goes before a fall”. It must be noted that one of the major Christian virtues is that of humility. It is said of Jesus, the Son of God, that though He was in every way equal to God, he humbled himself, and took upon himself the form of man, and was obedient even to the point of death, in His attempt to serve and rescue man (Philippians 2:3-8).

That said, ObamaCare is anything but perfect… in fact it is not even close to perfect. However, it is a brilliant piece of legislation.  So brilliant it is that President Obama has been relaxing and having a great time making occasional celebrity appearances and working on his $60 million dollar book deal without the slightest concern about the Republican’s efforts to destroy his legacy. He knew all the while what President Trump just discovered – that Health Care and the replacement of ObamaCare is difficult work. But the legal intricacies of ObamaCare may protect Obama’s legacy for a while, but does nothing to provide long-term protection for the people of America.  The Republicans have correctly pointed out that in many States, the price of Obamacare is rising. I have not heard of any States in which the price is falling. And even if there are a few, the net increase in cost of ObamaCare in America is undeniable. President Obama said the price would drop. So that is strike  #1. The Republicans have pointed out that in many States the number of Providers in the Exchange has been on the decline.  I have not heard of any State in which the number of Providers has increased.  That means that there has been a net decline of the number of Health Care Providers on the Exchanges in America. Naturally, in a free market, the reduction of supply and the increase or even maintenance of levels of demand must result in the increase of price.  That is strike #2. Strike #3 relates to the crude way in which the Government tried to coerce the market by way of penalties. What is even sadder is that a large section of the market laughed at the Government by deciding that it is in its interest to pay the penalty. That is a snub of no mean order. Put another way, Obamacare is so bad, that I rather pay the penalty than buy the plan.

But ObamaCare has its pluses, and many of them. The coverage of pre-existing conditions is Plus #1. The provision for young adults to remain on their parents’ coverage under special circumstances is Plus #2. The built in  “Major Medical” provision in a Basic Health Plan is Plus #3. In many non-USA jurisdictions, Major Medical Insurance is a rider that may or may not be bought, and that essentially guarantees that after the deductible is paid, high and debilitating health care costs are paid by the Insurance policy. Plus #4 can be attributed to maternity provisions, and may I add, a benefit that benefits men and women… and by extension, the entire American society. For these and many other reasons, the Republicans lied when they described ObamaCare as a “Disaster”.

There is nothing in the upbringing of President Trump that has taught him any language other than that of “winning”, and by extension, “losing”. But there is another language of negotiation that the most effective negotiators use. It is the language of reconciliation.  It is a language hat recognizes that we all have egos. It is a language that recognizes that “no man is an island… no man stands alone…” It is a language that appreciates the fact that we must “do unto others as we would have them do unto us”, as my parents have told me repeatedly. Unfortunately, that is not the native language of American Politics, and Donald Trump has built his political legacy on making things worse. he is the ultimate Divider in Chief… right “Crooked Hillary” and “Lying Ted”? So let us try a reset, and since I believe that President Trump is appointed by God to lead our nation at this time, I have to support his success at all times, and do everything in my power to help him be to this nation what God would want him to be. For this mandate, I have no other point of reference than the Word of God. And by this standard, my advice, is as subject to criticism as is Donald Trump’s views. So for a moment, I will assay to speak for President Trump on this fateful day – Mach 24, 2017.

“My Fellow Americans!”  The people of America have spoken. Your political Representatives have listened, and your President has heard. Because there are so many competing voices, it is difficult at times to filter through the various noises, and distill the core of the central message.  This time, as your Commander in Chief, I have made it my duty, not only to hear you, but to listen to you.  Having heard you and having understood you, I will restrict all blame for any misunderstanding to one person, and to one dispensable person alone. That person is Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America. I wrongly placed the emphasis in HealtCare on Obamacare. I should have placed the emphasis on you, and the size of the “you” to whom I now make reference is in excess of 300 million persons.. I am glad that I tackled this problem early in my tenure of office, because at least,  I have realized a major mistake earlier, rather than later. So I am now going to reset the conversation, and I will be depending on the corrupt media to help me… there we go again, I am almost about to make another mistake that I have made. I am sorry. I will depend on our friendly media, the fourth Estate in our great democracy, to help me… and by helping me, help all of America.

ObamaCare is not a Disaster. It is better than anything we ever had before, but as President Obama himself declared, it is not perfect. It is not complete. It is a work in progress. For seven years, my fellow Republicans have done nothing to help progress and improve the many flaws in ObamaCare. Instead we have focused our energies on repealing ObamaCare and we have done so with a prideful spirit and without the appropriate appreciation to President Obama for its strengths.. With immediate effect, our approach will be to work with Democrats to jointly build on the strengths of ObamaCare, to remove as many of its weaknesses as possible, and in a Bi-partisan way to create  the greatest Health Care program that this country has ever seen. In fact I already have the name for it…”The People of America’s ‘s Health Care”. Of course, I would not object to any alias such as “TrumpObamaCare”, or better still TORMPS Care, or STROMP Care. The latter two aliases represent the initials of the last names of the key political leaders that will be responsible for the new bill. With that said, the Majority Leaders in the House and Senate are being requested to join with the Ranking members of both Houses, and to set up the appropriate committee to come up with the best possible national health solution. In this new approach, there will be no political winners and losers as both political parties will share the credit for the success that we will achieve. We will ask our political spin masters and surrogates to back off from this one. For a change, we will make this a genuine victory for “We the people” of America..