Phyllis, I am very proud of you. You have already won. In your DNA is the incorruptible seed of victory. You are not a Passive Christian. You are more than an Active Christian. You are a Christian Activist… in the category of Elijah. You have already been victorious over the demonic spirit of fear and reclusivity and exclusivity that has infiltrated and infested the Church and that was well represented by the 7000 believers in God who did not bow the knee to Baal but who at the same time, were hiding under the table. You have the spirit of Elijah.

Beware of Fear

But beware, the spirit of Elijah can become tired and discouraged and fearful, even after a resounding victory… much less after a temporary defeat. I declare that you shall receive the spirit of Elisha. Not only did he perform twice as many miracles as Elijah, but there is no record of him ever being paralyzed by fear. Instead, he continued to “perform” miracles even after his death.

Politician – No! Prophet – Yes!

I declare that you are not, nor ever shall become a Politician, but a Prophet of the living God. I declare that within the Church of Jesus Christ, you shall be classified as a Christian Activist. Your calling is not to fix roads, although that and many more good works you will do. Your calling is to touch the lives of between 3,000 and 5000 persons in your Constituency in such a way that they will see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven. Your calling is to expand the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. God has given you a congregation of more than 3,000 souls, and He has given you the authority to approach each of them under the “disguise” of a Politician, but as a Prophet of God, and in the Name of Jesus. But think of it, very few Politicians have a good reputation, and many of them are not even known to their constituents. You can control and change that narrative.

You Can’t Lose 

On November 12, you will either win or lose a seat at the Council table. But you have already won the right to approach, and relate to, and minister to every person in your Constituency. So whether you lose or whether you win on November 12, you have already won the right to impact the lives of more than 3000 persons. That is a huge “church”. So let me tell you how to handle this assignment, keeping the end-goal in mind.

Build an Army

Elijah led the School of the Prophets and Elisha was one of the students from that school. Remember that for every one ‘Elijah’, there are 7000 non-Baal worshipers. Your first order of business must be to recruit associates from the Church.

There are those who would not have been bold enough to take the first step as you have done, but there are some who will follow you, especially if you win the earthly title. But with or without the earthly title the Spirit of God is upon you and He is Lord of the Harvest. And He will honor your search for workers in the harvest.

This first move is critical, and without it you will wear yourself down, and ultimately reduce the potential of your effectiveness, just as Moses ran the risk of doing if he did not take Jethro’s advice. If necessary, create ID badges for your Christian associates so that it is clear to all that they are representing you. And they will continue to represent you until they answer the call to step up to your level, and until you step up higher, as higher you will step. And then your mantle will fall on the most deserving.

Publicize Your Performance

Next… Make sure that your left hand knows what your right hand is doing. Do nothing in secret. Do not hide your light under a lamp-stand, if not men will not see your good works, and will not glorify your Father who is in heaven. The best way to do this is to exploit the media. As you produce good works, feed the stories to members of the media, for stories are their life blood. In their hands are the tools to magnify your work and influence.

And be shrewd about it.  Do not show partiality to any single media house. Play them like the suckers they are. Let media house “A” suck on your succulent good work today. Let media house “B” suck tomorrow and reserve the next feast for Media “C”. Don’t worry, they will share the food among themselves. The result of this is that you would have added a multiplier effect to your efforts and to your activity.  That will have the effect of making you larger than life… and again, you will control the narrative. You will determine what you are known for…

Promote your Virtual Presence

I see you have an active Face Book account. That’s great. I see you have 210 Connections on LINKEDin. I do not know if you are on Twitter.  But whatever you do, if you do not have one as yet, you MUST get a website as that will allow you the space to display, chronicle and even archive your work. As at noon on November 3, is available.  It will not wait on you now that I have searched for it. Of course you may have a better name.   Incidentally is gone and there are many Phyllis Jordans on the web. If you wish, I can work with you to secure the best name, and one that you will brand. Clearly the name “Jordan” still has a little pedigree in Guyana, and one on which you can build. “PJ Jordan” is a good brand.  You get your initials which are factual but not important, and you get your last name which is important. And of course the combo is easy to remember.  Furthermore, I can show you how to build multiple sub-brands or even different topical sites using the same root domain address.

Prepare for Battle

The minute you begin to be identified for your good works, the agents of the Devil will attack and seek to steal, destroy, and possibly, even kill you. And just so you know, some of them are sitting in the pews.  But rest assured… greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. Weapons of destruction shall be formed against you… but they shall not prosper. And because you are who you are in Christ Jesus, you shall quickly rise in the spotlight in Guyana, because you are destined to be the head and not the tail. And so for your battle dress, put on the whole armor of God that you will be able to withstand the attacks of the evil one… and then, having done all don’t sit, don’t lie,and don’t run. Just stand. You don’t have to run to, nor run from your enemies. They will run to you… all you need do is stand in order to withstand. Jehovah Nissi goes before you.


On this note I adjourn… May the blessings of the God of Elisha rest upon you. May you rise to be a Image result for phyllis jordan + guyanalight on a hill in the darkness of Guyana… whatever your party affiliation may be, remember that your loyalty first and foremost is to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords… and after that your affiliation can be to anything or person who lines up under the authority of God… for you CANNOT serve two masters unless they agree.

Congratulations my sister… I am ohhh sooooo proud of you… Go forth and shine!

Your big brother,