This section features a sample of Political Commentaries.   The sub-head “political” is always misleading because very few things hat are relevant to people are outside of the ambit of politics. However in this context, “politics” is being used in its popular sense, and relates to the American Government, at the Federal, State and local levels.

You will find it very refreshing to know that I identify neither as a Republican, nor as a Democrat. My only identification is Christian. However, I understand it to be my God-given duty to submit to submit to those in authority, to pray for them, as well as to speak truth to power.

This I do in my Commentaries, which invariably, will appear to favor Republicans or Democrats at at different times, but only when their ords and acions merit support.  In order to adequately protect our democracy  we must be bigger than Democrats and bigger than Republicans. We must first ands foremost Americans. And if like me, you are a Christian, then you are obligated to first identify as a Christian first, and anything else afterwards.