Put Him Back… America!


Put Him Back… America! Challenges the Executive, Congress, Judiciary and people of the United States of America to return God to His rightful place in the center of private and public life in this country.

Put Him Back… America!  Provides a searching analysis of critical aspects of America’s history, its constitution and other pivotal documents. It exposes the flawed basis for judicial supremacy, legislation from the bench, and challenges judicial tyranny. In light of America’s Christian heritage, Dr. McAllister squarely places the responsibility for restoration of righteousness and Biblical values on the redeemed of America who are called by His Name and who are members of the Body of Christ.


Throughout the 275 pages, Dr. Godfrey E. McAllister, in his cut-and-thrust, does the following:

  • Extinguishes the Treaty of Tripoli and justifies a ‘God-less’ American Constitution
  • Excavates the very foundation of ‘Jefferson’s Wall’… one-sided wall?
  • Explodes the myth of Deist Founding fathers, and especially Benjamin Franklin
  • Examines the real price America has paid for its involvement in slavery
  • Exposes the anatomy of a tyranny of nine by a majority of one
  • Explains abortion for any reason as murder… yet facilitates ‘pro-choice’
  • Expresses the imperative for Christians’ involvement in politics and government
  • Exalts the importance of the correct Christian vote in all elections
  • Exhorts Americans to Christian militancy in a united thrust to put the God of Washington, Franklin, Adams, and our Founding Fathers back into the center of the ‘Public Square’.

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