Trump’s Lack of Transparency

Time has elapsed since President Trump’s benign strike on a Syrian airfield in an emotional response to Assad’s last use of chemical weapons against his people. The news cycle has moved on to other things. The Democrat Opposition in Congress and the likes of Senator John McCain from the Republican team will not allow the investigation of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to die. Trump’s foreign policy vacuum in Syria has completely overshadowed the appeal of the initial strike. As for North Korea, whereas I agree that the least said the better, I fear that the real problem is that Trump still does not have a coherent Korean policy in what, as Obama warned, is our biggest nightmare.
When it comes to political capital, Trump appears to be an addicted spendthrift. Whenever it appears that he is making headway in good governance, he reverses the trend by some small molehill that he turns into a mountain. His Tax Return is one such example. This remains either the biggest cover-up that could instantly ruin his presidency, or a Public Relations spin, the likes of which we have never seen. For now, he is on the wrong side of history on this one. And what about the issue of suppressing the Visitor Log at the White House? He forces the public to ask the question about the consistent lack of transparency of the White House.
The real tragedy is not Trump. It is the Republican duo of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and the majority of Republicans they lead in the Republican-controlled Congress. These men and women have indicated that they are putting Party before principle and Country. The only difference between Trump then, who they despised, and Trump now, is that he is the President of the USA. Christians of both Republican and Democrat persuasion must add our voices to the demand for transparency in Government. Trump should not publicly discuss details of sensitive strategy, especially re: North Korea. But such exceptions must be kept to a minimum.

The Value of Jesus’ Ascension

Today marks the official last holiday of the Easter Season. In Guyana, and in many other countries, Easter Monday is a national holiday that’s celebrated by flying of kites. The symbolism of kite flying is the Ascension of Jesus Christ after His Resurrection. Like most symbols, they are not accurate. Our kites ascend and then, inevitably, descend. Forty days after His Resurrection and after appearing to hundreds of people, Jesus publicly ascended to His Father at the end of a conversation with His Disciples. In Acts 1:11 we read the words of two angels that appeared after His Ascension – “Men of Galilee,” they said, “why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.”
The Ascension guarantees several things. First, Jesus is now at the right hand of His Father in heaven, continuously making intercession for all those who have placed their trust in Him. Secondly, Jesus is preparing a permanent home for His Children and will return for us to take us to be with Himself forever (John 14:1-3)
Thirdly, Jesus’s Ascension completed thee last link in the chain of events that climaxed on the Day of Pentecost. In John 14:26 and elsewhere, Jesus said that His Father will send One just like Jesus who will permanently live inside every Believer. He refers to Him as “The Comforter”. He is the Holy Spirit. He is God.
Today we thank God for the birth of Jesus Christ, for His sinless life, for His death, for His resurrection and for His ascension. He has kept His promise, and now, after the public ceremony on the Day of Pentecost 2000 years ago, God’s Holy Spirit is the constant reality in the life of every Believer in Him.
President Trump has given us no reason to believe that God’s Holy Spirit lives within Him. Mike Pence has. Brother Mike, do not forget your duty to pray for and effectively witness to the President.

He is Risen! Jesus Lives Today!

It has become politically correct to publicly say that all religions are equal and are of the same value. That may be true, but only if you correctly do not treat Christianity as a religion. For there is no other “religion” hat can compare with Christianity for one profound reason. The hero and focus of worship of every religion except Christianity is dead. They once lived, in some cases. They would have done great things, in most cases. But then they died. Their physical bodies may have been preserved. Great monuments may have been erected at the site of their burial. But they themselves remain dead.
The Christian Faith boasts that God is its Founder. We boast that the center-piece of our Faith was the redemption of sinful man as, inexplicably, God Himself in the person of God the Son, put on human form, came to earth as a baby, grew up living a sinless life, and at about the age of 33, voluntarily allowed Himself to suffer the most excruciating death known to man – crucifixion. His pre-crucifixion torture was as cruel as was the time He spent on the cross before He died. And He who knew no sin, took upon Himself all the sin of the world, and by shedding His sinless blood, paid the price for all of mankind’s sin.
But three days later, He arose with a mighty triumph over death and the grave. Today Christianity boasts a risen, living Savior – Jesus Christ! Not only is He alive, but He is busy making intercession with His Father, for those who place their trust in Him. The Apostle Paul argues in 1 Corinthians 15 that if Christ did not rise from the dead, we would have been of all men, most miserable, and still in our sins.
But there is more! After His resurrection, Jesus Christ ascended to heaven. On His way to heaven, He promised that He would send someone just like Himself, God the Holy Spirit. He would live within every Believer, every day of our lives. The Christian’s boast is in Jesus only, for He made it all possible.

Flip-Flopper-in-Chief Trump?

President Trump has recently been castigated as “Flip-Flopper-in-chief”. Is that a fair characterization of our President? And like so many other things, it all depends on your perspective. The hard-evidence on his turn-around positions on the Federal Reserve Chairman, China, Assad, and now apparently, even Russia, are matters of record. But from what perspective are these records being evaluated.
First and foremost, the positions held by Trump before he became President can understandably be different from those of Trump the President. Donald Trump has never claimed to be a Believer in Jesus Christ, and as such, is not reasonable held to the very high standards that Jesus has set for His Disciples. Something as basic as lying is not frowned upon by Trump, and he is the first President in recent history to be publicly called a pathological liar. But even with the best of integrity, private citizens and even Candidates cannot be expected to have access to the intelligence information available to Presidents. Therefore I argue that Candidate Trump, devoid of both government and military experience, is materially different from President Trump. As such it is expected that “their” views will be different.
But there is also evidence that President Trump has dramatically altered his position on key issues in the fewer than 90 days that he has been in office. That could be seen as learning on the fly, and fast. Trump has described himself as being “flexible”. That is a good quality in a leader who is constantly being exposed to new relevant information. But as President of the USA with allies all over he world, flexibility in Foreign Policy does not foster the stability hat is required for long term planning. Clearly, Trump was unqualified to be President, and is now doing his best to catch up. Commend him for that. Who he listens to is now more important than ever. Pray that he places God at the top of his list. We all can benefit greatly from God’s guidance.

What is Good About Good Friday?

Today is “Good Friday”, and is celebrated around the world as the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified. A few persons in some parts of the world will actually be trying to re-enact the suffering of Christ by literally hanging on a cross. However, I do not know of any who will actually allow themselves to be crucified. And even if a madman somewhere actually volunteered to be crucified, it would be of no value to him or to anyone else. All that he would have done is to join he millions of animals that were killed in the Old Testament period, the death of which proved to be ineffective because of their contamination by sin. The value of the death of Jesus Christ is rooted in His sinlessness, and as such, His unique qualification to satisfy the just demands of a righteous God for the substitutionary punishment of the sin of mankind. If Jesus did not pay the penalty for my sin, then I would have had to pay for my own sin, and the penalty for my sin is physical and spiritual death.
But there is a critical component to this transaction. The death and subsequent resurrection of Jesus represents His purchase of the gift of eternal life. This gift, like any other gift, must be accepted to be of any value to the recipient. The sad reality is that despite God’s transactional sacrifice on the original Good Friday, millions of persons in America and around the world continue to refuse to accept the gift of everlasting life that Jesus offers today. Are you one of those?
The salvation invitation that God offers today, is not just for the small man and for the poor. It is for President Trump, other World Leaders, members of the Congress and the Senate, Judges, Governors and all those in authority. It is for the rich, the poor, and that includes Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and those who live below the poverty line. Somewhere in this list, you are included.

The World’s Most Powerful People

Life is filled with choices, and we have to make them. A foundation philosophy in all my presentations especially when I use my trademark “Doctor Perspective” is, “The only thing over which we have complete control is our perspective.” This means that even in the darkest moments of greatest pain and suffering, we have the ability to leverage the power of our perspective to determine how we react and respond to the circumstances in which we find ourselves. The pain in the neck could easily become praise for a neck. The wayward child could easily become the child with great potential. The loss of one leg could easily become praise for the other… and the list goes on. In fact, praise to God is rooted in gratitude, which is an attitude, that will determine our altitude.
In the 2016 Top-20 list of “World’s Most Powerful Persons”, Angela Merkel is at #3, Donald Trump is listed as #2, and Vladimir Putin is listed as #1. In the list there are several other national leaders and Titans of Industry. One of the criteria is the willingness and ability of these leaders to use their power. When you look at this truly impressive list that includes Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, it must become very obvious that the most powerful person has been omitted… and with good reason. He is in a class all by Himself. And yes, of course I am talking about God. But why? He does not need the advertisement and He cannot be promoted.
I mention Him for purely selfish motives. I am His son, and heir. I represent Him, and more importantly, He represents me. That makes me very powerful. Let us never forget who we are in God’s economy, the only one that ultimately matters. We pray that our Leaders strategically align themselves with God. But even if they don’t, we can, and we must. [April 13, 2017]

The Christian Path to Peace

Isaiah 26:3 tells us, “You will keep in perfect peace, those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” There was a time when America claimed to be a Christian country. After all, many of the Pilgrims were Christians, and the mandate given by their British monarchy when establishing the thirteen colonies in America, almost invariably included a commitment to spreading the Christian religion. Today, that is no longer the case, as for decades, we have gone out of our way to affirm that America is NOT a Christian country. Unfortunately, we have not been able to replace our national identity as “Christian” with anything else. That makes America’s official position appear to be that of a non-entity and an ideological monstrosity that tolerates all religions and stands for none. Already, we have begun to witness the direct result of our national apostacy.
But that is just one perspective. Another perspective is that the official position of the Federal Government based on a fatal misinterpretation of incidental religious allusions in the Constitution, does not have to be thee position of the individual States. Or at least, that was the legal position before the Civil War-induced amendments to the Constitution in which the States ceded to the Federal Government, much of the powers that had been reserved to the States by the Founding Fathers in the original Constitution. At least, there is still enough wiggle-room to allow for legal battles in the defense of States rights.
But there is still another perspective. God has reserved for Himself, individual Christians, many of whom He has placed in positions of influence. It is incumbent on all Christians in America, regardless of our soico-economic status and political affiliation, to become Christian Activists and exert pressure on our National Leaders to exalt the presence of God in the public square of our Nation. [April 12, 2017]

God Loves LGBT’s and so must Christians

It is now politically correct to accept “non-traditional” sexual preferences and proclivities as being normal. In fact, in our attempt to normalize what used to be treated as deviant behavior, we have added all negative references to the practice and practitioners of homosexuality, lesbianism and transgenderism as “hate speech” crimes. And whereas the sins of “oppression of the poor”and related policies are associated with the Republican Party, the sins associated with the LGBT community are associated with the policies of the Democratic Party.
But perhaps a greater tragedy is that many persons who wear the badge of “Christian”, publicly identify in an inclusive fashion with the Democratic and Republican parties. Party loyalty then prevails over the allegiance to God’s Word to which all Christians should be committed. This is unfortunate because, for the Christian, it is only allegiance to God’s Word that trumps political correctness. It is only in obedience to the Word of God that we can treat consequent punishment by the authorities of the land as well-pleasing to God. It is therefore very important that those who proudly wear the badge of “Christian”, must be Christian first, and Republican or Democrat afterwards.
At least on the subject of the LGBT agenda, standard Republican policy can be relied on to contain the gains achieved. The Christian position is clear. God made all persons in His image and likeness. That did not prevent Him from making us all differently. He made allowances for the blind, the deaf, the dumb and the lame. He accommodated lepers and people with blood, nervous and related problems. However, when it comes to homosexuality, lesbianism, beastiality and other sexually mal-alignment, God has made no allowances. On the contrary, Sodom & Gomorrah stands out as a warning. We must love every member of the LGBT community, but we must join the Word of Gd in condemning their life-style.[April 11, 2017]

Democrats May Overthrow Roe v Wade

I am a Christian Democratic Republican because I can, in all good conscience, be neither exclusively Democrat nor Republican. And that does not necessarily make me a Jared Kushner. There are core values of both parties that I wholeheartedly endorse and embrace. But my Christian values prohibit me from embracing many of the values of both parties. But because my fulfilment in Jesus Christ is complete, I need neither the Democrat nor the Republican label to validate me.
While President Trump wined and dined President Xi Jinping, and bombed Syria, the Republican Senate exploded the Nuclear Option and confirmed Supreme Court Gorsuch.
I endorse many policies of the Democratic Party, but I condemn the legalized murder of babies as provided for by Roe v Wade. I am not surprised that the sight of babies writhing in pain after Assad’s chemical attack would move President Trump to Strike Syria. He scored a strike against Hillary Clinton during the Debates when he tried to describe the horrors of partial birth abortion, and she, a woman, portrayed to the world an intolerable level of indifference to that reality. I respect the right of men and women to love who they wish and to have some perverted version of “intercourse” with partners of the same sex. That was the dominant sin of Sodom and Gomorrah. But it is a double-down slap in God’s face when the Government calls such unions “marriage”.
Last week, not only did Trump succeed in placing one Conservative Judge on the SC bench, but because the Democrats forced the hands of the Republicans to go nuclear, there is now a great likelihood that Trump or Pence will appoint more Conservative Justices, unopposed, if the vacancies arise. Roe v Wade will most likely go. But unfortunately, if left to Republican core policy, the gap between rich and poor will also significantly grow. [April 10, 2017]

Some Moving Parts of a Foreign Policy

48 hours after America bombed Syria, the bombed air base is in operation again in its mission of murder of innocent men, women and children in the same town it bombed with chemical weapons. In light of this development, President Trump’s foreign policy seems to be saying it’s OK to bomb innocent men, women and children with conventional weapons and even barrel bombs, but not to do so with chemical weapons. Is this really true about his foreign policy?
Kim Jong-Un condemned America’s unprovoked strike against Syria. Good for him. I hope he also noticed the flotilla that Trump has discharged to his area. I also hope he noticed the diplomatic headway in cooperation that the American and Chinese Presidents made, even while, without any trumpet blasts, Trump was bombing Syria. Hopefully in between his predictable bouts of madness, he will see the writing on the wall.
And what about Syria and Russia, both allies of Syria. Later this week, Tillerson will be in Russia, and much of his dialogue has now been predetermined for him by recent events in Syria, and reactions to them by the US President and the UN Ambassador.
In all of this, Christians must continue to be resolute in prayer for our Leaders. Assad, himself a Dictator cannot be allowed to murder hi people with immunity. That is a crime against God, regardless of the identity of the perpetrator. But is the overthrow of Assad worth a conflict with Russia?
The decision making process for the President is complicated by the conflicting policy advice he will receive from opposing factions in Congress and in the White House. Our President needs our prayers for God’s wisdom.[April 9, 2017]

After Strike, What is Trump’s Strategy?

Honeymoons in politics do not last for long. President Trump’s strike against Syria’s Assad was widely hailed as an excellent and timely tactical move. Now, his few critics on this subject, and all his cheerleaders are asking for his long-term strategy. We all know that, at this time, he has none. He is winging it. Rex Tillerson’s foreign policy verbage is turning on a dime. Nikki Haley at the United nations has already committed the USA to do more in terms of military action in Syria, if necessary. President Donald Trump in the meanwhile, is still basking in his first almost unanimous approval, even from Hillary Clinton.
But remember, when Trump succeeds, America does, and to some extent, much of the world does. The converse is true when he fails. Christians therefore, in response to God’s command, and in our own self interest, must continue to pray that Donald Trump will learn to identify, listen to, and obey the voice of God, who having put him there, is ready to download all the wisdom he needs to get the job done.
But again, Christians must get up from the sidelines. Wee must get engaged. Our first step is to get informed, and there is a lot of information out there. One way to manage the mass of information on a range of subjects that affect us all is to do this in community. This is what this organization is established to achieve. I can monitor one sector, while you monitor another, and then we both share our information. Multiply that by a few hundreds, and we have an informed national Christian community that can pray intelligently, comment from a position of authority, and act with the power of conviction of support from the Word of God.
While Trump was bombing Syria, Senate Republicans have exploded the Nuclear Option in order to confirm the 9th Supreme Court Justice. Good? Bad? True!!! [April 8, 2017]

We are Proud of You Mr. President

Having a happy day in these days seems impossible. And it is, if your happiness is dependent on external factors. However, the happiness and peace and joy that Christians are expected to have is a direct result of the Ruler of the Universe having bequeathed to us His peace (John 14:27). This not an easy concept to explain… but millions around the world today continue to experience it.
In a little more than a heartbeat, Candidate Trump metamorphed into President Trump. He had previously seen or at least heard of Syria’s Assad’s murder of over 1000 Syrians with chemical weapons in 2013. After that, Trump cautioned Obama not to take military action against Assad at a time when Obama had his finger on the trigger. This week, Assad again murderd his people with chemical weapons, but this time the number of his victims was just about 10% of that of the 2013 carnage. But this time Trump is the President. He owns the problem. He telegraphs his feelings on the actions of Assad, and 24 hours later, with all protocols observed, he destroys the airbase from which Assad launched his chemical attack.
Better still, he does that while sipping champagne with the Chinese President who seemed to have had little choice but to announce to the world that his Government is firmly against the use of chemical weapons by anyone. Allies of the US are ecstatic. Predictably, Russia retaliates verbally, but is careful to say that Trump’s strike against its Syrian ally will not irreversibly damage US/Russia relations. Putin’s buddy, SS Tillerson, condemned Russia’s complacency in Assad’s actions before his impending visit to Russia. And Kim Jong-un might be ignorant, but neither blind nor deaf. Tillerson has already dispatched Trump’s warning to him. No more talk. Today, Trump scored a perfect hit. And we noticed that he prayed for God’s blessings, not just on America, but on the world. Way to go Mr. President. [April 7, 2017]

R U a Christian Activist or Ostrichist?

It is very easy to understand why the vast majority of Christians refuse to engage in the politics of America, and never has there been a time in recent memory where this is more true. But we do not have a choice. Developments in Washington are occurring at a mind-boggling rate. From recusals, to investigations, to investigations of investigators, to reckless policy shifts that trigger Assad’s decision to use chemical weapons against his people, to Trump being persuaded to change his attitude towards Syria on what seems to be emotive provocation, to the filibuster of Gorsuch by Dems and the retaliatory “nuclear” strike by Republicans amid mud-slinging and blaming by both sides, intercepted by Trump’s verdict on Rice’s guilt of an undisclosed crime.. to name just a few. And yet, every single development in Washington affects us all in America and in many other parts of the world. If Christians resort to putting our head in the sand like the ostrich, while hoping that Christ’s return would be sped up because we can’t handle our responsibility, that would be a gross dereliction of our duty as Salt and Light.
The Christian Democratic Republican has been established to harness the energies of Christian Activists, and to organize our efforts in prayer, analysis, commentary and action in a meaningful way that will get the attention of Washington. We need your involvement now while we are still getting off the ground. The fact that Christians’ “bread is buttered on both sides” is no reason for us to be complacent about the “mess” that the rest of the world is in.
Ultimately, we know that the solution is simple. Jesus is the answer. It is the application and implication of that solution that is challenging. Whoever said that Christian Activism was easy? Help build 2017 America’s army of Christian Activists. Follow us @TheXianDemRep_n . Engage at TheCDR.US [April 6, 2017]

Pray for Kim Jong-un’s Immediate Conversion or Death

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson remains under a cloud of suspicion because of his historic ties to Russia’s Putin. Hopefully, he has no Exxon skeletons in the closet related to his Wayne Tracker alias. But there is something very commendable about the position his boss President Trump and himself have taken on North Korea’s nuclear threat to the USA..
While Nikki Haley maintains diplomatic posturing at the United Nations as she stresses the non-negotiable relevance and need for China’s cooperation against North Korean nuclear aggression, Trump and Tillerson are talking at a minimum. Candidate Trump argued that Obama gave ISIS’ leaders adequate time to flee Iraq by telegraphing his military intentions. Now Trump admits that China’s help is 100% desirable, but if he can’t get it, USA will deal with North Korea by ourselves. On the day of yet another NK missile launch, Tillerson echoes we have said all there is to say, no more talk. Great moves gentlemen. Congratulations. But even a pre-emptive strike on North Korea will be costly to US , S Korea, Japan and others.
No one ever said that Christian activism is easy. All of our Leaders’ actions must be evaluated against God’s Word. Christians must pray for their Country’s Leaders. It is now time for Christians in America to start praying AGAINST North Korea’s Leader. We must now pray first for the immediate conversion of Kim Jong-un, and failing that, for his immediate death. God can do both.
In the Christian’s parallel universe, we enjoy God’s protection and provision regardless of North Korea. God promises relatively little during our 100 years on earth. Our payday is in Eternity. Unlike the 70 virgins, that’s guaranteed. [April 5, 2017]

Jesus Can Always Make the Difference

I know quite a lot about how low third-world politics can go. But I never dreamt that I would live to see the day when politics in first-world America, would make third-world politics look like a Sunday School picnic on a beautiful day. President Trump brought his own brand of “novelty” to the White House, and coming after Barak Obama, the contrast could not have been greater. But now as Democrats in the Senate threaten to use, and run the risk of forever losing the Filibuster, if and when Republicans trigger the “nuclear option” over Supreme Court nominees Judges Garland and Gorsuch. It is clear that the heart of the problem is the problem of the heart (Jeremiah 17:9). As at today, the environment in the American Government is at its lowest in a long while, and only the blood of Jesus and His love can reverse it, if and when applied to the hearts of its individuals, and allowed to do its work.
That said, Republicans went super low in Garland. Democrats say its payback time for Gorsuch. But listen carefully to what they are also claiming about the historic apparent judicial biases of Gorsuch. Are they correct? And at any rate, after a SC Justice is appointed, he and his ruling can evolve in any direction he chooses. There is nothing to stop a conservative Judge from becoming liberal.
Barring a political miracle, the Nuclear Option will be triggered. Once triggered, all other SC appointees in the next four years will be ultra conservative, and among other things, Roe v Wade could be reversed. Is that good or bad, and from whose perspective? Thank God, the Christian’s peace does not depend on any external circumstance. [April 4, 2017]

Why Pray for Trump to Succeed

We pray for President Trump to succeed for many reasons. One of them is not so that he and his family can line their pockets with more wealth through some means that some may question. We pray for his success because we are so encouraged by God, even if he were a Dictator… and he is not (Romans 13:1-7). But we also pray for Trump because when our President succeeds in making America great again, we all succeed.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, aka Wayne Tracker, was allegedly chosen because he is a personal friend of Russia’s crime-infested Dictator Putin, and because of his pro-Trump pseudo-science on Climate Change and how it is “not” impacted by the burning of fossil fuel. He may soon publicly implode. His Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his friend and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, as well as one of his Campaign Chairmen Paul Manafort have all been compromised. His Immigration bans have been blocked by the Courts. His Obamacare Repeal & Replace was dead on arrival. His EPA Executive Order will be tied up in Court. His attack on President Obama has been debunked. President Trump is almost daily being publicly called a liar by too many.
What more will it take for Trump and all of us to realize that we are nothing without God, and everything because of Him (Philippians 4:13)? And yet I believe Trump is God’s man for America at this time. Join God and Pray for Trump. Paul was not all that nice while he was still Saul. [ April 3, 2017]


Today is Sunday. Christians of all denominations around the world identify today as special because it was on the first day of the week that Jesus arose from the grave after He was crucified. By doing this He fulfilled one of the most profound prophecies that He Himself made – “Destroy this temple, and in three days, I will raise it again (John 2:19).” There is no other Religion on earth that can make this claim, and demonstrate that it is true.
Therefore in a real sense, Sunday is symbolic of a new beginning. But then, so is every day (Lamentations 3:22-23). Would it not be nice if White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer could have announced that President Trump and his family are worshiping at this or that Church today? Our Founding Presidents worshiped publicly, even in the Capitol. That should, and would make news. President Trump can’t erase his past, and neither can any of us. But under God’s guidance we all can effect a “reset”. And only because he is President, Trump needs one more than anyone else.
Trump has important work to do before him, but first he needs to get behind God. Because of his enormous wealth and power, that is a very hard thing to do. But what God did for King Nebuchadnezzar, He can do for Donald Trump. God has been in the business of cleaning up messy lives since Adam. He can do that for us and for our President. Today, let us pray for all our Leaders, and especially for our President. [April 2, 2017]


Having a great weekend means having a “stress-free” weekend. It does not mean that all in our Nation is well, but it certainly helps when you begin to understand at least some of what is happening. The big news is that General Michael Flynn is asking the House and Senate Intelligence Committees and the FBI for IMMUNITY.
Immunity in this context is usually, if not always against criminal prosecution. In fact, the request for immunity does not automatically mean the existence of guilt or culpability. But this is what General Flynn said and/or strongly implied when Hillary Clinton’s associates were asking for immunity. Of course, his very good friend and accomplice, Candidate Donald Trump validated his accusation. Together they decreed that no one asks for immunity, unless they are guilty of a crime. Now, not only is Flynn begging for immunity, but President Trump is supporting his request.
All the evidence to date points to the possibility that Flynn, and perhaps others, is guilty of a serious crime. But now, no one will give him the benefit of the doubt because of the words that left his own mouth.
God warns us about exalting ourselves by condemning others with our words, especially when we are not blameless. David’s second encounter with Nathan is a classic. Read it (2 Samuel 12:1-22). Words Bite in America, and in Jamaica, “cock mouth kill cock” and, “the same knife that stick sheep, stick goat.” May our words be always seasoned with grace and humility. [April 1, 2017]

Christian Imperatives 

One of the reasons that Christians typically try to avoid politics is the major challenge to perspectives that it presents. Consider today’s motivational thought for example.
“Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people.” Fired National Security Chairman General Michael Flynn, House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes, Former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort and a growing list of others appear to be on a fast-track to being accused of treason against the United States. The Christian must see the good in them, and that is true. But does that mean that the Christian must ignore, overlook or be blinded to the evil in them? I think not. On occasion I have complimented even the Devil for being consistently persistent. What is true is that Christians understand that the good in people is because of the grace of God. Evil in people is the result of the control that the Devil has over their lives.
What is equally true is that regardless of how validated the bad in people is, we have an obligation to forgive them, especially when they ask for forgiveness. That is the standard set for Christians in 1 John 1:9. As difficult as it is, it is worth the effort to try to forget the bad that people do, because each time we remember, we have to forgive.
But there is a parallel track. in our role as Light, Christians must illuminate the dark, and call out the evil and evildoers in our society, especially when our Civic, Church and other Leaders are implicated [March 31, 2017]



With all the trending news from Washington, it is easy to by-pass a smile and move straight to a laugh. Or perhaps, if you really believe that all you hear is true, your reaction might be to cry. And if all that we are hearing was not so serious, then perhaps we could even shrug our shoulders and look the other way. But it is serious, and even more serious than appears on the surface.
Russia’s declaration of Cyber warfare on America, and especially on our American democracy is frightening. The fact that it was successful, at least as it relates to the November 8 election, is downright demoralizing. Unfortunately, President Trump who appears to have been the beneficiary of this round of Russian infiltration, has chosen to pretend that this is not a real national crisis.
So how do we genuinely smile in the face of this crisis? Even as the Senate Intelligence Committee vows to follow the evidence wherever it leads, we know that already God has the verdict figured out. The source of our smile must therefore be in the knowledge that with Christ in the vessel of our lives, we can smile at the storm. Several Trump campaign activists and possibly even Trump himself may not be able to smile for reasons best known to them. But that is their problem, which also can be addressed by placing their trust in Jesus Christ. (March 30, 2017)