R U Guilty of Sabotaging Our Democracy?

Are you guilty of sabotaging America’s great democracy?  Now, wait a minute… do not be too quick to answer?

Remember the time  your mother caught you in the cookie jar, and even while two or three cookies were still puffing out your mouth… in response to her question, “who ate the cookies?”,   your punctuated answer was… “Not me mommy!”

Of course that never happened to you… but it sure did happen to someone you know… perhaps even a brother or sister…

So now, I ask again Are you guilty of sabotaging America’s great democracy?

Of course you can’t plead guilty if you were not even aware that it was possible to sabotage America’s democracy. And of course, the mere sound of the word “sabotage” suggests that it is something bad.

But I am sure you have never thought of your actions or lack of actions as constituting a sabotage of America’s democracy.

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To bring clarity to my question, to inform your answer, and to frame the parameters of a plausible solution. Let us take a look at America’s democracy.

Eugene Volokh in a 2015 article in the Washington Post wrote:

“I often hear people argue that the United States is a republic, not a democracy. But that’s a false dichotomy.

A common definition of “republic” is, to quote the American Heritage Dictionary, “A political order in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them” — we are that.

A common definition of “democracy” is, “Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives” — we are that, too.”

To be clear… North Korea is not a democracy. China is not a democracy… and this might shock some very patriotic Americans, but Russia is not a democracy.

These and many more countries around the world are Dictatorships, regardless of how benevolent they may be.  Countries like Russia would even spend large sums of money to stage an election of their President. But what use is an election in which supporters of the President are encouraged to vote, and opposition challengers are either, imprisoned or murdered or otherwise silenced before the election is even held.  The only thing worse than Russia’s sham election, is the endorsement of its results by the President of the USA, who is the leader of the free world.

America is a democracy… but our democratic model is not perfect, neither is our union.

At the very pinnacle of our democracy is our Constitution which is easily the best man-made constitution in the history of the world.  It prescribes a system of Government that is operated by three allegedly co-equal branches. In Article 1 it creates the Legislative Branch.  In Article 2 it creates the Executive Branch. And in Article 3, it creates the Judiciary Branch.

In my book, “Put Him back… America!” on page 16, I write,

“On June 21, 1788 the required ratification of the Constitution was completed and on that day, the United States of America had form, but no life.  Then the First Congress met on March 4, 1789 in the city of New York and breathed into the Constitutional structure of the Government, and it sprang to life.”

Because of an initial lack of a quorum in Congress, the creation of the second branch of Government was delayed until April 30, 1789 when the first President, George Washington was duly Elected.  Subsequently the Third branch of Government was created.

In a future video I will place the co-equality of the three branches of Government into both its historic and contemporary context. But for now, all we need do is identify the power base of each branch and trace that power to its roots.

It was we the people with the blood of our forefathers who fought for our freedom from the tyranny of England. It was we the people who through our elected representatives that occasioned the work of the Constitution Convention.

It was we the people who ratified that Constitution that created our system of Government. It is no coincidence that the first to be conceived by the constitution and the first to be created was the Congress – the only branch that is 100% directly elected by, we the people.

We indirectly elect the Executive. But as we all know, because of the intervention of the Electoral College, we can have a situation in which we the people elect Hillary Clinton by a majority of almost 3,000,000 votes, but yet the Electoral College legitimately elects Donald Trump. Members of the judiciary at the Federal level and at the Supreme Court level, never have to face we the people for their appointment.

But watch this now. The President of the USA, if he steps out of line and steps across certain red lines drawn by the Constitution, he can be impeached by the Congress and removed from the Office, and the Congress gets its power from wo… we the people!

A little known fact that I will fully reveal in a future video, is that although Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges enjoy Life tenure, they too can be impeached and removed by Congress, and it is we the people from whom Congress gets its power.

Therefore when our democracy is threatened, as it is right now by Russia’s ongoing attack on our election, and when Supreme Court Justices legislate from the bench, as they have done on occasions, it is we the people through our elected Congress that must act.  And when our Congress abdicates on its responsibility to act on behalf of we the people in favor of purely partisan and personal conflicting loyalties, it is we the people to whom they must account, one way or another, and sooner rather than later

And now for the rub. “We the people” is neither a mythical nor mystical concept. We the people are you and me. As loyal citizens, and especially if we are Christians and people of Faith, we must pray for our President and for all our leaders. But the essence of our democracy is that our elected leaders get to carry out the collective majority will of we the people.

If you stay silent, refuse to speak out for or against, refuse to vote for or against, refuse to agitate, refuse to commend our Leaders’ good actions, and condemn their bad actions, then we are guilty of sabotaging our democracy.

Remember, man was not made to contain either power or glory, and that is why we have checks and balances in our Constitutional Government. Left alone, power will corrupt the best of men and women, and absolute power will corrupt them absolutely. It is we the people who must rescue them daily from themselves. And to fall asleep at our wheels of democracy, is a crime punishable by our democracy morphing into a dictatorship.

So how do you plead… Guilty?   Never mind, if we all spoke the truth there would be too many of us who are guilty as hell of sabotaging our democracy. Let’s move to correction mode… and to be contemporarily and contextually accurate, let us move into rescue mode.

Focus on our Congress and all of its 535 elected members.  We will continue to pay for their relatively lavish lifestyles and round-the-clock personal security. We will underwrite their travel expenses and pay for healthcare that they can’t afford. But in exchange, we will demand detailed and if necessary, daily accountability to us from them. And in case they think that our only recourse is the ballot once every two or six years, we must send a message that we will make their public and private lives miserable if they dare to defy the majority will of “we the people”.

I hear you… easier said than done. I know. I never said it was easy. And there is more to say in future videos. But for now, listen to, read and watch both the Conservative and Liberal news outlets and rationally evaluate the crisis unfolding before our eyes… and then ask… If not me, then who? If not now… then when?


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