Does God really care about:

Climate Change National Minimum Wage Russian Intervention in US Elections White Supremacy Empowerment Reversal of US Job Migration Immigration Policy - Wall, Roe vs Wade Reversal Other Socio-economic Political issues…

For those of us who believe that God is real, we are left with a central question. Does God really care about the daily details in my life that determine my reality? Then of course, does He care about Aleppo and the minimum wage? Are there reliable answers to these questions, and where can they be found?

Fortunately, I have good news for you. But first, let us establish some rules of engagement for this and any discussion about God.  The God of the Christian is Spirit. He is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent among other things. More than 2000 years ago, in  the ultimate demonstration of love for the human race which He created with  “Free Will” capacity, He came to earth in human form, born of a virgin, spent the first thirty years of His life interacting with family and friends as a private citizen. At around thirty years of age, God in human form whose name is Jesus, embarked on His Public Ministry in which he taught that God wants to forgive sinful man for our sins against Him, and that He, Jesus has come to earth to make that possible. His public Ministry was embraced by many persons, and just under 100 men and women became spent enough time with Him tyo be known as His Disciples. Then there was an inner-circle, sort of a Cabinet of twelve men, who actually lived with Him and followed Him wherever he went.

The Jewish religious leaders of the day did not recognize Jesus as the messiah that God and their Hebrew Scriptures promised, and saw Jesus as a threat to their way of life. They were used by God to orchestrate the brutal murder of Jesus by crucifixion. However, it was this very crucifixion that played into the hands of God whose righteous demands for the punishment of sin cold be satisfied only buy the shedding of the innocent blood of a sinless person. Of all the great stories with a happy ending, this one topes the list. Because three days later, Jesus rose from the dead, was seen by hundreds of eye-witnesses,  and after meeting with His Disciples and close friends, publicly ascended back to heaven. But that was not all.

A few weeks after His ascension, God returned, this time in the form of the invisible Holy Spirit, with a pledge to remain on earth with man until the end of time. But this time, His modus operandi changed. God the Holy Spirit permanently inhabits the lives of all Believers in Jesus Christ, and who, having repented of their dins, have received God’s forgiveness, based on His substitutionary death on the cross of Calvary.  But there is more.

God has  provided some people with the indwelling presence of His Holy Spirit, but He has provided all men with His Word – the Bible. Suffice it to say that whereas there are those who question the authenticity of the Bible as the Word of God, the Bible is more than capable of speaking for itself. The Bible remains the world’s #1 All-time best-seller, and shows no sign of easing up. The Bible has never been contradicted by any reputable scientific conclusion, and in fact has consistently led the way in projecting scientific facts,before Scientists actually stumble on them. Last in a very short list of  built-in defenses of the Bible is its 100% accurate record of almost 2000 prophetic predictions. No Bible prophecy has ever failed, but not all have as yet been fulfilled. After all, if God in fact controlled men as they wrote the books of the Bible, then we must expect all the prophecies to be fulfilled.

It is against this background of the inerrancy of the Word of God, the Bible, that we base our knowledge of God as revealed to us in the Bible. Unlike Deism, the Bible teaches that God is personally interested in and involved in the affairs of man. In Matthew 10:30, Jesus said that God knows each strand of hair on your head, and knows their number. In Psalm 147:4 we learn that God determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name.

In Matthew 6:33 Jesus remonstrates that it is unnecessary for us to be overly concerned with what we shall eat, and what we shall wear, because our Heavenly Father is aware of those things and have them covered. Instead, we must consciously and aggressively seek and strive after the Kingdom of God and obedience to is King as our first priority, and in turn, God will ensure that our basic needs are taken care of.

However it is clear that even from our limited human perspective, we know that by definition, “issues” are complex, and seldom have straight-line answers and resolutions. On the macro level, there are competing realities that determine what happens in Aleppo, in US immigration policy, White supremacy aspirations, and any other national issue that you can think about. The common denominator is that nothing in this world takes god by surprise and he has both a response and a resolution for all matters. With prayer and patiently waiting on God and studying His Word, we can with a high degree of accuracy, determine God’s perspective on any matter, both in our personal lives, and those facing the United States of America.

From time to time, we will examine specific issues.  You are encouraged to do the same as often as you can.