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Dr. McAllister is qualified and equally comfortable in addressing your Community Event, College, Church or Corporate Event.          

Keynote addresses

Think of a finely tuned piano or an operatic singer in concert. How important is that key note? Dr. McAllister will obtain from you all the information he needs to accurately analyze the culture, needs, achievements and challenges of your organization, He will then employ his uncanny ability to empathize, and craft a keynote address of any length you require to literally help in taking your participants to the next level of motivation and/or self actualization. His addresses are insightful and informative. They are humorous. They require introspection.  They are inspiring, challenging and memorable.   Book Doc P

Seminars & Workshops

          Behavior Modification
Whereas the “Keynote” could be seen as the icing on the cake, the Seminar and workshop is really where the rubber hits the road. For Corporations to see meaningful shifts in employee productivity, behavior modification  must take place, and that takes time. In almost every instance, employees have to unlearn the handicaps that constrain them, and then learn the empowering philosophies that will motivate them to invest in themselves.  That takes time, but it does not have to take forever.

Doctor Perspective’s strategic intervention requires an initial orientation and familiarization session. Typically, this is a half-day session, if the employer can afford to invest that much time in the most valuable corporate asset.  The session is divided into four section. These are Identification, Destruction, Reconstruction and Inspiration. Doctor Perspective believes that true motivation comes from within and cannot be imposed from outside. On the other hand, inspiration is what moves a person to search within and identify the unique motives and desires that drive them to consistently act in their best perceived self-interest.

As is explained in the “Mind Maintenance Mechanic” section following, periodic reinforcement with increasingly long intervals is required for optimal results. Custom tailored online activities are recommended with follow-up visits every quarter or at least 3 times in a 12 month period.

Not all Seminars and workshops are as intense as those dedicated to  Behavior Modification. An employer may want to increase and improve the skill-set of his/her staff. This type of Seminar or Workshop is relatively straightforward. It will include a presentation/demonstration section and a clinical session for reinforcement of the learned information.    Book Doc P

Speech Coaching

Dr. McAllister is a professional Speech Writer and Speaker. Subject to availability, he will assist you in preparing almost any speech, presentation or sermon, for almost any occasion. Since he is not an expert on all subjects, Dr. McAllister will play a limited role in the preparation of your content in subject areas in which he has limited or no expertise. However, his expertise in helping you craft and execute your presentation will be invaluable. Depending on your budgetary constraints, Dr. McAllister will provide either remote coaching using the telephone, email and/or Skype, on the one hand, or face-to-face hands-on coaching in your office, on the other hand.  Book Doc P

Corporate Employee Mind Maintenance

The value of human mind maintenance is an easily understood concept. Begin with the automobile or other piece of machinery that you own. Both new and used cars require routine maintenance to ensure that all their numerous interconnected parts are operating as they should. When all parts are operating optimally, the operator of the machine can reasonably expect not only trouble free, but high performance from the equipment for sustained periods of operation under the most grueling of situations.
Your employee is the most complex “machinery” and the most valuable asset that your company is likely to own. But, just like your automobile, the productivity of the human asset is heavily dependent on the routine maintenance of its body and mind. We readily understand the need for physical maintenance, facilitated by proper eating, sleep and exercise, and even the occasional general medical check-up. But what about the ultimately complex mind that is affected by, and affects everything we think, say and do? Neuroscientists agree that the best physical representation of the mind is the brain… and yet “mindfulness” eludes identification in any single section of the brain. We are still learning the intricacies about this amazing 3 pound, 70% water, fat filled organ in our skull that consumers 20% of the energy our body produces and features the world’s most complex electric circuits consisting of approximately 100 Billion brain cells or neurons in addition to many more protective neuroglia. Each neuron could be connected to approximately 10,000 other neurons through an intricate electro-chemical network with trillions of synaptic connections. The capacity of your employee’s brain is practically limitless, and yet for many reasons it is projected that 70% of our daily 50,000 thoughts of the average person are by default, negative.   This is but one of the many factors that negatively impact the all-important productivity at the workplace. Added to this are the wide and varied influences from their non-work life that influence your employee, and impacts, usually negatively, on their daily level of production and productivity.

Dr. McAllister’s job is to provide routine maintenance of your employee’s mind during relaxed four-hour sessions connected by recommended daily activities that will produce measurable results. We readily invest in computer upgrades, automobile upgrades, cell phone upgrades, all in the pursuit of better levels of performance. The human asset can be upgraded, not by discarding the old and buying a new one, but by routinely, efficiently servicing and stimulating the existing one, and thereby guaranteeing opitmal levels of productivity.  Book Doc P

letter writing

Do you have to write an important letter that you hope would be worth its weight in gold? Dr. McAllister will help you professionally craft a highly persuasive letter that will go a far way in helping you achieve the results you desire. An effective letter is significantly different from an effective speech, and should not be written in a hurry, and without editing. Dr. McAllister’s job is to help you say it best.   Book Doc P

Impromptu Speaking

Dr. McAllister has won three Toastmasters International Impromptu Speaking Championships and now is willing to help you champion your own cause, without a pause and and without flaws at a moment’s notice. We never get a second chance to make a first impression. You never know when the elevator, the restaurant or stalled traffic could present your next great opportunity to project yourself. Dr. McAllister describes a great impromptu speech as a unprepared speech by a prepared speaker.  He will provide impromptu speaking training in a Seminar setting, as well as to an individual.  Book Doc P

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