Start With the 1st Step

Most people want to succeed, however they define success. By the same token, most people will say that they are not successful, or at least not as successful as they would like to be. Quite often they still are cherishing the dreams they used to have, but they are so far off course, that frustration has now gotten the better of them.

Then they meet me… and almost in a self-fulfilling prophetic statement, they ask me… what do I do to achieve the success I want, how do I start… where do I start?

And that is when I smile… because I love to give simple answers to profound questions.

“Start With the First Step. The longest journey begins with the first step.”

Many people do not embark on the journey of which they dream, simply because they fail to overcome the inertia that prevents them from taking the first step. Admittedly, the first step is the hardest. An airplane burns more fuel during take-off than at 30,000 feet in the air. The energy needed to move a body at rest into motion, is always more than necessary to maintain that body in motion. The first two weeks at the gym are always the hardest.

And for too many, the greatest achievement of the day is still getting out of bed. The secret is that we do not get out of bed because we do not enjoy being in bed. We get out of bed, because there is a greater reward to be gained from doing other things that we cannot do in bed.

But taking the first step is not all that matters. Stepping in the right direction, and in the direction of our goals is just as important.

You have already taken many first steps, and perhaps you have stopped. Start to step again and don’t stop.

Change direction if you must, but don’t stop.

Not only do you go, but you also grow with each step you take.


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