Doctor Perspective’s  flag-ship topic is “Empower Your Perspective”, and has been customized for many different specific audience needs. In addition to this, the following are specific topics that Doc will address for your needs.



TOPIC:         To Be or Not To Be… Sucker or Suckee!

THESIS:         By definition, because of the interdependence of all people, at any point in time we are either “sucking” or being “sucked” – giving, or receiving – and both are necessary. However, whether because of personality, predisposition or preference, some people are more preoccupied with one or the other role, which then become their dominant defining characteristic.

TAKEAWAY:  In practical application, the sucker needs the suckee, but the suckee does not need the sucker. Furthermore, suckees can easily operate in sucker mode, but suckers find it difficult and near impossible to operate as suckees.  There is always room at the top for suckees. And the rewards are great. Dr. McAllister helps mold your perspective on life to help you become comfortable with and addicted to the modus operandi of the suckee.

TOPIC:            Dare to Dream… Then Become Your Dream!

THESIS:         Everything begins with an idea or a thought, from the creation of the world to the manufacture of any of the necessities and luxuries of life that we enjoy today.  Ideas cannot be chemically or electromagnetically evaluated, but are produced somewhere between the brain, the mind and the heart.  The great news is that ideas are one of God’s gifts to man, and to the best of my knowledge He is fairly impartial in His distribution. That thought and that idea that as of now remains unclothed in physical reality or manifested for appreciation by our senses, is called a dream. This is what every little child does, and adults label it as their world of fantasy.  Every now and then, we fail to stifle and suffocate these fantasies, and they explode into realities such as the motorcar, and electricity, and the refrigerator and Disney World.

TAKEAWAY:  Our God-given right to dream is ours to protect and enjoy, and in which we are free to indulge.  We can choose to dream little dreams or big dreams. But the difference between those who succeed and those who fail lies not in their ability or inability to dream.  It lies in whether or not they awake, and become their dream. Dr. McAllister takes his audience through the steps of dreaming and awaking and materializing their dreams.

TOPIC:            How to Present an Unprepared Speech… Effectively

THESIS:         It has been erroneously reported that the fear of public speaking is worse than the fear of death. But the truth is not far removed from that fake claim. Millions of people in our world are so fearful of public speaking that they literally feel that they will die if and when called upon to speak in public. A few will tolerate daring to speak after days, weeks or months of preparation. But impromptu Speaking is simply out of the question. And yet, those who are fearful of impromptu or extemporaneously speaking, will fluently chat without restraint. What’s the difference?  It is all in our perception and perspective of the problem.

TAKEAWAY:  Dr. McAllister is the acknowledged master of Impromptu Speaking. He teaches his audience how to prepare for hundreds of speeches they may never give, and to always be ready for the one that they will suddenly be called upon to deliver. He teaches his audience to take the fear out of impromptu speaking and convert that energy into a self-fulfilling desire to share ourselves with the world.

TOPIC:         Secrets of Successful Selling

THESIS:         We are all sellers… and we all sell ourselves… even those who sell themselves short. But successful selling requires the seller to effectively move the buyer into a frame of mind in which he willingly wants to do what the seller wants him to do, and then to proudly take credit for his decision. Clearly some people do this better than others. But we are all aware of the charlatans who pride themselves in being able to sell a fridge to an Eskimo in his home territory. This is a disgrace to the Sales Profession. A successful sale must be one from which both the buyer and seller benefits, and both are forever grateful that they met each other.

TAKEAWAY:  Dr. McAllister leverages his experience as a “Top of the Table” Million Dollar Round Table Salesman and as American Life Insurance Company’s world-wide #1 Personal Accident Insurance Salesman for seven (7) consecutive years, and shares all of the secrets that he learnt and deployed. And yet, even after sharing his secrets, many of them still remain a secret. He will teach you how to deploy his secrets into active duty, and reap the results for having done so.

TOPIC:         Conquer Through Creative Communication

THESIS:         The desire to conquer is not restricted to invading armies or pugilists in a ring. The desire to conquer is a human need that we all exhibit in varying degrees at different times. The child quite often will test the tolerance of a parent and figure out ways to manipulate one or both parents to get what he wants. When he succeeds, he would have conquered the parent. Two adults in an intimate relationship will frequently try to get each other to comply with their point of view, and to this end, no holds are barred, and all’s fair in love and war, In fact, every time two individuals, who by definition are different, encounter each other, interpersonal confrontation of varying degrees of intensity occurs, and the latent desire to gain the upper hand manifests itself. Words, as distinct from fists or bullets or swords, cane be powerful weapons of both attack and defense. Negotiators and diplomats strive to master these tools. It is the foundation for the ultimate strategy to get what you want form whoever is in a position to give it to you.

TAKEAWAY:  Dr. McAllister will teach you the fundamental mechanics of communication. He will then expose you to the dynamics of creative communication. Finally he will teach you to use creative communication to conquer in any and every situation in which you find yourself. And perhaps the most beautiful part of it all is that you can do so with a smile on your face.

TOPIC:          Rise From Your Slump and Succeed

THESIS:         Slumps are normal, natural occurrences in life.  In fact, they are completely unavoidable by all except those who never taste the thrill of victory or sip the elixir of success. After Usain Bolt blazes past the finish line, he must slow down. And he runs too long, he will collapse, voluntarily or involuntarily. Some men will go to great lengths to make love to their wives for much longer than they traditionally last, before experiencing a slump. And in every-day life, when you are tired, regardless of the cause, you need to lie down. But slumps are not limited to physical experiences.  They are emotional slumps that usually follow emotional high-points. There are financial slumps, and there are spiritual slumps. However, whereas slumps are normal and natural, they need only be temporary, and never permanent. The ability to rise from your slump and succeed is the one thing that distinguishes the successful person from the failure.

TAKEAWAY:  Drawing on his own experiences, Dr. McAllister teaches you how to rise from any slump in which you find yourself, and succeed. He teaches the techniques to minimize the occurrences of slumps;  how to reduce your down-time in a slump and how to maximize the benefits of being in a slump.  Dr. McAllister will teach you the techniques of rising from your slump, even when there is limited desire so to do. The ultimate goal of rising from your slump is success. And in order to enjoy success, you must repeatedly and consistently succeed.