Greetings in the precious name of Jesus.

A decade ago I wrote and self-published Put Him Back… America! , and literally put it down because of lack of an adequate marketing infrastructure. At the time of authoring this book, and for six years after that, I was not even a  resident of the United States of America.

But as a Caribbean citizen, I have always loved America, less because of what it is currently , more because of what it was historically, and most because of what it can become . In all three phases, past, present and future, the pivotal role in America is being played by the Church and by its Judeo-Christian institutions.

The relevance of this book, a decade ago, and for the foreseeable future is undeniable. Its clarion call to All Americans, led by the Church of Jesus Christ, is to “Put Him Back… Americafor God demands no less than center-stage in our private and public lives.”

I am inviting you to make a small investment of $260 for a carton of 40 books, and to retail this book in your bookstore for double its cost to you, or more.

Put Him Back… America is written with the history-revisionists in mind.  These  are the intellectuals who will attempt to rewrite our history to minimize or rationalize the role that Almighty God played in the founding of this nation, and consequently, the role that He must be allowed to play today.

I deal with difficulty topics such as the:

  • absence of the words “God” and “Jesus” from the Constitution,
  • The Treaty of Tripoly with its declaration that America is not a Christian nation.
  • Jefferson’s Wall and it erroneous extension of…
  • Separation of Church and State.

Adequate space is given to commentary on life-style issues such as…

  • Abortion and Homosexuality,
  • Slavery and the Civil War.

And because the Supreme Court plays such a critical role in the direction of our Nation, much focus is placed on

  • the decisions of the Court,
  • the construction of the Supreme Court,
  • the potential for disaster if the Court of nine unelected citizens is not ultimately reigned in by “We the People’s Congress”, and ultimately by “We the people”.

Put Him Back… America commences with a charge to the President and to every elected leader in America. There is a charge to the Church, both nominal and blood-washed… No one is excluded. God does not need our permission and accommodation to be Sovereign.

The ISBN is 978-0-9765781-0-9.  The MSRP is $19,95 The Amazon link to “Look Inside” is   

Editorial Reviews

The book is fascinating.  Godfrey McAllister has a more intimate knowledge of the history of what made America great than most native-born Americans do.  His insights are right on target.  America has lost its way but “Put Him Back . . .America!” certainly identifies what our nation must do to recover our founding direction.

Review by Dr. Woodrow Kroll President, Back to the Bible Broadcast

I believe Put Him Back America is a must read for educators.  This is a great supplemental resource to the often-sanitized textbooks being used in our public schools. With a culture that has tended to believe the lie of Separation of Church and State, this book could open the eyes of a generation not realizing the intent of our forefathers and the expectation of our Lord. As a professional association for Christian educators in public and private schools, we encourage all our members to integrate their faith in all aspects of their lives including the workplace for educators, the classroom.

Review by:  Finn Laursen, Executive Director Christian Educators Association International

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