I greet you in Jesus’ Name!  I am requesting an invitation to minister at your local Church, or within your sphere of influence.

The Church of Jesus Christ is alive and well in America today. The Body of Jesus Christ is expanding, even if the number of self-declared nominal Christians is shrinking. And yet we all agree that more can and must be done,

I know nothing about the composition of your local Church, but I have found that, generally speaking, there are three categories of Christians, all of whom are on their way to heaven. The first are the PASSIVE Christians. The second are the ACTIVE Christians. The third are the Christian ACTIVISTS. By definition, you are a Christian Activist. But do you pray that the Lord would raise up more Christian Activists in your local Church?

Under the watchful eye of the Church, the United States of America as a nation has drastically deviated from its core Judeo-Christian Biblical values. What America has become would make our Founding Fathers ‘turn in their graves’. And yet America would be irreversibly worse, were it not for the fact that In this national context of  spiritual pluralism and relativism, individual Churches continue to faithfully preach the good news of God’s salvation. But could this be the time when every Christian is challenged to refocus our attention on what God expects of us as His appointed Ambassadors, Soldiers, Salt and Light?

Historical Revisionists would have us believe that the United States of America was not founded as a Christian Nation, even if they concede that the 13 American Colonies were. As proof-positive of their claim, they pathetically point to the fact that the words “God”, “Jesus” and “Bible” were omitted from the text of the Constitution. . My book, “Put Him Back… America!” deals conclusively with that and other fallacies.. The Apostle Paul  in Romans 5:20 establishes the principle that where sin abounded, Grace super abounded. As moral depravity, institutionalized sin and an escalating marginalization of the relevance of God’s Word incrementally increase, so should the aggression of the Church of Jesus Christ exponentially increase in prayer, discipleship, societal intervention and national awareness initiatives.

That’s the core of my message to Churches. Doctrines and Theological perspectives will differ, but the mandate under which we all operate is the same. Jesus, His message and its application was socially and politically relevant when He was on earth. he expects no less of us. And because Christians are encouraged to be politically active as voters and candidates for all levels of Government offices, it is critical that the churches teach that the Christian is obligatory a Christian first, and optionally, a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, second. It is not good enough for Christians to have “no views” on political issues. We must first understand, and then declare God’s position on political issues as revealed in His Word. We reserve the right to be politically neutral or to keep our political persuasions private. But we do not have a right to keep our allegiance to Jesus and His Word private – not as Ambassadors, Soldiers, Salt and Light.

If you do invite me to minister at your local Church, that is what you can expect to hear. Regardless of the topic or theme to which I commit to speak, my message will always be grounded in the Word of God and reflective of  one of the books that I have written –  “Put Him Back… America!”. It is available for free as a Kindle Unlimited read; for $9.99 as a Kindle purchase; and  under $15 new on Amazon. However, a carton of 40 books can be purchased directly from me for $259.95 inclusive of S/H to any destination in the USA.   Click here to make a purchase

Please contact me to discuss the possibility of ministering at your local Church in general or caucus session.

My numbers are 954-299-9394 [cell, WhatsApp & text] and 954-353-1755. My Email address is neuromotivator@gmail.com


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