Master of Ceremonies


Because you are a Meeting or Event Planner, I believe that we can be of mutual benefit to each other in my proposed “win-win” relationship.

I have been motivating thousands of persons for more than three decades in Sales & Marketing, Human Relations, Customer Service, Support, and Leadership positions. I am now going Pro. As you know, breaking into the Professional Speakers market is easier said than done. And that is why I am reaching out to you.

For a limited time, through you, I am offering your clients the unbeatable combination of the highest possible standard of professional service and excellence, but at a fraction of the fees currently being charged by the best in the business. And as a bonus, there is also my Professional Fee Satisfaction Guarantee.

I am blessed to have been able to effectively communicate with a wide cross section of audiences, from children to retired adults, whether in Church, College, Communal entities or the Corporate arena. My website details some of the topics I address. My trademarked Name and mantras reflect my guiding philosophy.

I invite you to explore with me the synergies that could exist between us, and some of the endless possibilities for cooperation to our mutual benefit. Reach me by phone, WhatsApp and/or related phone services at (954) 299-9394; or email me at

Motivational Speaker

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I look forward to hearing from you.Professional Fee Satisfaction Guarantee

Dr. Godfrey “Doctor Perspective” McAllister



Q1: What is your travel policy?

A1: As it is for you, time is my most valuable asset. I am willing to travel in the in-State or inter State or internationally. The logistics of accepting your invitation will be influenced by your location and my schedule, and at least ten different considerations. So I suggest that you discuss the specifics of your circumstance with me, and together we will work out the solution that bests suits our interests.

Q2:  What is your Fees policy?

A2: Fees and Expenses form my total compensation package. Expenses are standard and readily quantified. My requirements are not extravagant. Accommodation must be safe and secure, and not necessarily “5-star”. Air and ground travel must be “comfortable”, only because that feeds into the available energy and mental resources that I will have to invest in your event the same day or following day. As part of my “ground floor” introductory limited-time offer, my policy is to consider any fee that your budget can afford. However, regardless of my negotiated fee, I guarantee standards of excellence comparable to that of the “Les Browns” of this world.

Q3: Do you perform Master of Ceremonies duties?

A3: Yes… and it does not matter what the function is. Again, my Fees will be influenced by the amount of time that is required for me to invest in order to provide you with the highest professional service. For example, highly choreographed and coordinated events may require the Master of Ceremonies to be at the dress rehearsal. Depending on my assessment of the event, I may make my presence at the dress rehearsal a requirement. This will impact my Fees which among other things, will always be a function of time.

Q4: What is your audio/video recording intellectual rights policy?

 A4: All my keynote and seminar presentations must be video recorded at least semi-professionally. This means that the recording device(s) must be on a stable stand, and the quality of the picture must be adequate for reproduction on a website with acceptable quality. As vague as this sounds, any Iphone or Android equivalent can produce the results. I always have a phone stand with me. The video remains my property. However, invariably the client will be granted limited non-commercial use rights to the video. As a professional videographer, I will consult with the client or Agent on the details of this arrangement as part of the preparation for the event. Individual video-recording is prohibited, although this is unenforceable. However, a warning must be issued at the start of the event that unauthorized recordings and/or the subsequent use of such recordings is a violation of intellectual property rights.

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