If I read your LINKEDin profile correctly, you have West Indian roots. And so do I. Born in Guyana, and having spent most of my life in Jamaica, over the last several years, I bring to America a special perspective on solutions to many of the challenges that are faced in so-called “Developed Countries”.  It would be a pleasure to address persons in your sphere of influence regardless of the setting, be it Corporate, Church, College, Community or Club.


In the name of efficiency and optimized productivity, computers and machinery are replacing humans every day as our technological revolution marches forward.  Consumers are caught in the crossfire of conflicting feelings on the subject. We want the reduced cost that automation usually brings, but at the same time we want our providers of goods and services to maintain their “personal touch”. One thing is certain. The technological revolution is not only here to stay, but is rapidly making inroads into our daily lives. The survival of our human resources, with very few exceptions, depends on our ability to maximize our economic relevance both to individual and corporate productivity.

Automation teaches us many lessons about efficiency, and perhaps, none so important than that maintenance is critical for machinery, if their optimal performance is to be maintained. Paradoxically, the human “machine” is almost infinitely more complex than any computer known to man, and as such its routine maintenance is even more crucial to maintaining its peak performance.


I have been referred to as a “Motivational Mind Maintenance Mechanic”, and that’s a mouthful.  So let us break this down.

First, my core skills are motivational and inspirational. Whether conducting a seminar, delivering a keynote address, one-on-one counseling, coaching or simply answering a question, my commitment is to inspire and create the environment for motivation. You can say that I inspire my audience to feel and think positively about themselves and motivate them to want to do what is necessary to become the best that they were intended to be.

Second, I am neither a medical doctor nor am I a psychiatrist. I am not trained to repair the physical body, and I am not trained to repair the mind after it breaks down. I operate in the area of prevention and intervention, and not that of cure.   With the help of a vast array of varying life experiences and a working knowledge of the basics of neuroscience, I provide replicable models of self-maintenance for my audience to apply to their daily lives.

Third, I am a “maintenance mechanic”, as distinct from a mechanic who repairs the machine after it is broken down. The imagery is that of the motorist who routinely checks his or her car to ensure that there are adequate levels of oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield wash liquid, tire pressure  and of course, gas or petrol. Routine, effective maintenance increases the performance of the car, reduces the likelihood of a break-down, or even an accident, and extends the useful life of the car. That is what I will seek to do with the men and women you represent.


As the concept suggests, in this role, I recommend periodically repeated visits and ongoing limited contact with your staff. When it comes to mind maintenance, there are no magic bullets and life-long fixes. However I do guarantee that a highly motivated, emotionally balanced and work-focused employee is going to be  of great value to the corporation, and will undoubtedly help to enhance its bottom-line. I offer you  my  Professional Fee Satisfaction Guarantee

Reach out to me and let’s discuss a program of mind-maintenance for the men and women you serve.  I can be reached at 954 299-9394 or TheDoc@DoctorPerspective.com

I invite you to sample my perspectives on a wide range of subjects through my Motivational Mini Video Series