Who Are You?

Who Are You?  Part 1    (Part 2 – “Identity Theft to be released on July 23, 2018”

How do you respond when someone confronts you with the question – Who are you?

Most people respond by giving their name – I am John Doe or I am Mary Deer. But is that who you really are? What happens when a woman gets married or any one executes a deed poll and change their name? Is it still the same person?

Who are you? You may say, “I am a teacher or I am a housewife or I am a Politician.”  But is that accurately you? If someone changes their profession, are they still the same person? So really, who are you?

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Interestingly enough, our answer becomes more accurate when we identify ourselves by relationship, but not by any and every relationship. Employer Employee relationships are not good enough. I could be an employee of Starbucks today, and tomorrow, I might change jobs, but I am still the same person.

Nationality by any means other than birth cannot stand. At present I enjoy dual citizenship, but only one by birth. So if in answer to the question, Who are you? I were to answer, I am Guyanese. Then that is a 100% accurate, irrefutable and irrevocable identification. Similarly, if I say I am the son of Hilton and Helena McAllister, that is equally accurate, although to be safe, I should add, by birth, as against adoption.

We can therefore safely conclude that our true identity must rely on that which is immutable, irrefutable, indisputable and irreversible. Anything that is temporary, transient or fleeting is a mere appendage, and cannot answer up to the question, Who Am I.

But let us switch gear and examine the issue from a different perspective – that perspective is what or who I am not. So again – the question – Who are you?

You are not what I see, or for that matter what I can feel or touch. Let me illustrate. Recover three or four full length photographs of yourself each taken at least 10 years apart and refer to them as A, B, C, D. A should be when you were between 1 year and 3 years old. I strongly suspect that your physical appearance at age 3 would be radically different from how you looked at 23 and even at 13. If you are fortunate to be able to add a photo of yourself at 83 years of age, the difference would be even that more obvious.

Which of those representations of you at different ages is the real you – A, B, C or D? Is it the one closer to the end of life or closer to the beginning of life… and what about the ones in between? There are only two possible answers. Either all, or none are you.  I know where my vote lies.

But let us say you chose to say that all are you. Then we have a logical problem. We believe that you are singular. Even if you suffer from a personality disorder mental illness, your multiple personalities still count as one person. Let us call you P. Going back to our A,B.C, D photographed stages of your life, if A=P and B = P and C= P and D = P, then A=B=C=D. But they are obviously not the same. Therefore at best, only A or B or C or D can equal P… and that then leaves us with the bigger problem… which one?

The conclusion then is that in answer to the question “Who are you?” No physical visible, touchable, feelable version of you is actually you.

Still not convinced? This is my last try, and it is going to be graphic. Imagine that our person “P” is a tall, dark handsome, athletic built man, and let us call him John Doe. Unfortunately, P lost an arm. He is still John Doe. P then lost the other arm. He is still John Doe. P then lost both legs. He is still John Doe. It grieves my heart to think of how unlucky John Doe is, because over the space of the next 6 months, he lost both eyes, both ears, his nose, lips and tongue, one lung and sad to say, his male genetalia. At what point did he stop being John Doe? At no point did our totally disfigured human tragedy stop being John Doe.

In fact he will continue to be John Doe with all the legal rights of a human being until he dies. And what is so special about death that no amount of injury can duplicate? At death his spirit, unaffected by the life-changes and tragedies, leaves his body, and John Doe is no more… or at least no more on earth.

Who are you? You are an immortal spiritual being housed in a changing, growing, decaying human body. That’s who you are.

Seh what?  I know… What’s next… Look out for the conclusion in a coming video titled, “Identity Theft”

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