Dr. Godfrey “Doctor Perspective” McAllister  will deliver a keynote to your Church, College, Community or Corporate audience within the time required. A distinguished 3-time Toastmasters International Impromptu Speaking Champion and 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking Finalist,

Dr. McAllister always displays an uncanny ability to be relevant to any situation in which he is asked to speak.  His God-given ability to empathize, feel for, and love those he meets allows him to capture the moment and communicate a message that is filled with therapy, instruction and inspiration for his audience. His shortest Keynote address was under 3 minutes; and his longest, just under 3 hours. Just tell him what you need, and he will deliver on the spot.

But whereas Dr. McAllister can adapt to almost any situation and audience, he flows in the broad areas of his expertise as a distinguished Sales Professional; Supreme Court Mediator and Dispute Resolution Specialist; Consumer Advocate; Communications Consultant and Bible Teacher. Dr. McAllister invests his 6 decades of experience in every talk he gives, and is guaranteed to leave his audience richer for the exposure.

But don’t take my word for it… take advantage of his “Fee Satisfaction Guarantee”, and book him today!